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Michael Strain: Here’s how we should fix US infrastructure — and boost upward mobility

In his Washington Post column, AEI economist Michael Strain makes the case that any way you want to massage the data, it’s clear the US has an infrastructure problem. So how can you go about fixing and upgrading the power grid, bridges, roads, and schools without turning the whole effort into a top-down, Keynesian boondoggle? Keep the project-picking local and give cities and states the flexibility to figure out how to fund their share. read more >

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Let the entrepreneurs decide what infrastructure the country needs, and most of the time they will build it themselves

Writing in today’s Wall Street Journal, Burt Folsom and Larry Schweikart explain how Obama has the proven “infrastructure-follows-entrepreneurship” principle backwards when the president incorrectly advocates for government taxpayer spending on infrastructure as a way to stimulate jobs, economic recovery, and … read more >