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Here’s what Goldman Sachs thinks Obama is going to do on immigration with executive amnesty

Sometime soon, it seems, President Obama will announce he’s taking executive action on immigration, both legal and illegal. In a new note, Goldman Sachs speculates what those actions might be, exactly. Its informed guesses: (a) excluding dependents from the cap on employment based green cards, (b) recapturing employment-based green cards. (c) allowing dependents of H-1B visa holders to work. Overall, Goldman thinks these changes would expand the US labor force by by 170,000 to 375,000, “equivalent equivalent to 0.1% to 0.25% of the US labor force.” read more >

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Pethokoukis, Economics, U.S. Economy

Surprise? Not really: Nations with more generous welfare states are hurt by higher immigration

The Economist highlights the key takeaways from a new study of the economic impact of immigration on 20 nations, “Immigration, Search, and Redistribution: A Quantitative Assessment of Native Welfare” by “Michele Battisti, Gabriel Felbermayr, Giovanni Peri, and Panu Poutvaara.” First, simply shutting the … read more >