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The tiny little problem with carbon taxes

Economists frequently offers carbon taxes as a market-friendly policy for dealing with climate change. It’s pretty simple: tax what you don’t want (or as an economist would put, tax unwanted externalities.) And if you want less fossil fuel consumption and the carbon emissions that go with it, make coal, oil and natural gas more expensive with a levy. But there is a slight– I feel embarrassed even to mention it — problem with carbon taxes, according to Jesse Jenkins of the Breakthrough Institute. read more >

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Brazil’s oil boom constrained by nationalist, political agenda

The Washington Post this morning exposes the disappointing performance of Brazil’s petroleum industry, citing the inherent problems with state-owned oil companies that were explained last July in AEI’s Latin America Outlook, “Latin American energy monopolies: Boom or bust?” The Post … read more >

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Climate scientists: ‘There is no credible path to climate stabilization that does not include a substantial role for nuclear power’

I am always on the lookout for issues that can get some degree of bipartisan support. Expanding the role of nuclear power in America’s energy portfolio should be one of those issues. Last Sunday, big-name climate and energy scientists released … read more >