Brookings: Percent of children succeeding at each life stage by family structure
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Why do the kids of married parents do better?

Over at Brookings, Kimberly Howard and Richard V. Reeves write on “why the children of married parents do better.” Is it, they ask, “because they have, on average, higher family incomes?… Or are two committed spouses better able to provide consistent parenting? Is it marriage itself that matters, or is marriage the visible expression of other factors, that are the true cause of different outcomes?” read more >

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NY Fed: Yes, go to college — but your mileage may vary

Over at the New York Fed, Jaison R. Abel and Richard Deitz “dig into the data” to determine how much a college degree is worth. In the first installment of their four-post series they show that “despite what appears to be a set of alarming trends, the value of a bachelor’s degree for the average graduate has held near its all-time high of about $300,000 for more than a decade.” read more >