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When Catholic schools close, poor communities suffer (and crime goes up)

For decades, research on Catholic schools has almost exclusively examined their academic effects. Brinig and Garnett take a novel tack. Rather than wade into academic effects, they use a rich data set of social cohesion measures and crime data from Chicago, Philadelphia, and Los Angeles to track the effect of closing Catholic schools on neighborhoods. Not to spoil the ending, but closing Catholic schools rends the fabrics of low income communities and can be linked to an increase in crime. read more >

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NY Fed: Yes, go to college — but your mileage may vary

Over at the New York Fed, Jaison R. Abel and Richard Deitz “dig into the data” to determine how much a college degree is worth. In the first installment of their four-post series they show that “despite what appears to be a set of alarming trends, the value of a bachelor’s degree for the average graduate has held near its all-time high of about $300,000 for more than a decade.” read more >