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The Contract at 20 and GOP fortunes today

Twenty years ago this week, 367 members of Congress stood on the Capitol steps and signed a document called the Contract with America. Although several polls in October 1994 showed that around 70% of Americans were not aware of the Contract, its positive, forthright agenda infused GOP leaders and activists with energy and contributed to massive change in the 1994 elections. read more >

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Politics and Public Opinion, Polls

Occupy Wall Street at 3

Three years ago, a diverse collection of protestors began assembling in New York City’s Zuccotti Park. Known as Occupy Wall Street for their opposition to large financial institutions on Wall Street, their numbers swelled for a time. The movement got a huge amount of media attention, and pollsters tested the waters. Were Americans turning against Wall Street and the free enterprise system? How did they view inequality? We watched the polls closely at the time and have continued to monitor them. Views about Wall Street deteriorated sharply after the financial crash. read more >