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India’s misguided response to our findings on the quality of drug exports

A recent National Bureau of Economic Research working paper that we co-authored on the quality of Indian medicines exported to Africa has drawn surprising over-reaction from the Indian government and pharmaceutical industry. In a recent article in the Economic Times, officials said that India’s government is planning a defamation suit against our research team for running a “smear campaign” against the industry. The government’s threat of legal action is a shocking development, and if it proceeds, will hurt India more than it will hurt us. read more >

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As the courts turn: The continuing legal perils of Obamacare

Legal challenges to various aspects of Obamacare (aka the Affordable Care Act) keep traveling on a rollercoaster. Today’s episode of the law’s continuing courtroom soap operate involves a ruling by a federal district court in Oklahoma, which overturned a 2012 IRS rule authorizing premium assistance tax credits in federal exchanges (since rebranded as “federally facilitated marketplaces”). The decision improves the likelihood that the Supreme Court ultimately will consider this issue on appeal; either in the spring of 2015 or during its next 2015-2016 term. read more >