Image Credit: 401 (K) 2013 (Flickr) CC

Image Credit: 401 (K) 2013 (Flickr) CC

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The minimum wage and Social Security

In his race for the open Iowa Senate seat, Democratic Rep. Bruce Braley has put great emphasis on Social Security. That’s good – Social Security is a crucial program for millions of Americans and the biggest domestic line item in the federal budget. But Braley’s political focus on Social Security doesn’t mean he actually has a policy in mind to fix it. read more >

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Here is the big driver behind government healthcare spending

Charles Blahous makes a number of great points in an e21 essay on the fiscal future of Medicare — and the US budget. While it is true, as a recent New York Times piece notes, that the Medicare spending projections has declined quite a bit since 2006 (see above chart), the program’s financial problems are still enormous. The whole piece is worth reading, but this is a particularly noteworthy bit given all the attention on the need to reduce health cost inflation. read more >