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James Pethokoukis is the Money & Politics columnist-blogger for the American Enterprise Institute. Previously, he was the Washington columnist for Reuters Breakingviews. Pethokoukis has written for many publications including USNews & World Report, The New York Times, The Weekly Standard, Commentary, USA Today, and Investor's Business Daily. Pethokoukis is also an official CNBC contributor. In addition, he has appeared numerous times on MSNBC, Fox News Channel, Fox Business Network, The McLaughlin Group, CNN, and Nightly Business Report on PBS. A graduate of Northwestern University and the Medill School of Journalism, Pethokoukis is a 2002 Jeopardy! champion.
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This chart shows part-time jobs in the US have become a trap rather than a launching pad

One key measure of job market health is the number of people working part-time for economic reasons (PTER) rather than by choice. Back in 2007, according to the Atlanta Fed, 61% of people working PTER the previous year transitioned into full-time work with the rest still working part-time either for economic reasons or by choice. read more >

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Here’s what Goldman Sachs thinks Obama is going to do on immigration with executive amnesty

Sometime soon, it seems, President Obama will announce he’s taking executive action on immigration, both legal and illegal. In a new note, Goldman Sachs speculates what those actions might be, exactly. Its informed guesses: (a) excluding dependents from the cap on employment based green cards, (b) recapturing employment-based green cards. (c) allowing dependents of H-1B visa holders to work. Overall, Goldman thinks these changes would expand the US labor force by by 170,000 to 375,000, “equivalent equivalent to 0.1% to 0.25% of the US labor force.” read more >