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Monday afternoon links

1. Markets in Everything: a) Fly by private jet for less than the cost of a budget airline, (ht/hitssquad) b) burger robot poised to disrupt fast food Industry and c) Welcome to Wal-Mart, the doctor will see you now.

2. What’s your GMAT score? Take a 15-Minute, 10-Question Quiz and Get Your Predicted Score Range.

3. Rise of the Super Drug Tunnels from Mexico: California’s Losing Fight Against Smugglers. “When a market reaches a certain size, you can’t fight it.”

4. Job Market Shift in Virtuous Cycle: The balance of power in the job market is shifting slowly toward employees from employers. (ht/jon murphy)

5. Rasmussen Poll: Only 3% of Americans say we’re winning the cruel, immoral, expensive, and deadly War on Drugs.

6. Letter to the Editor (WaPo): College sex assaults should be handled by the police, not the school’s personnel.

7. Nanny Statism: Oregon man serving prison sentence for collecting rainwater on his own property.

8. Nanny Statism II: Salt Lake City slaps rideshare drivers with $6,500 fines.

21 thoughts on “Monday afternoon links

    • I’m willing to bet there is large coincidence between those who support these guilty-without-trial rape “courts” and those who insist on providing Islamist enemy combatants with lengthy and expensive court procedures.

  1. number 7—Nanny statism is actually not so clear…there is such a thing as water and riparian rights… suppose you bought a farm in the middle of a slope…. but the farmer upslope dammed all the water retroactively? Then what?

    • You could actually sue. In Owens valley California in WWII and earlier there used to he apple orchards and pear trees etc. Very fertile area but Los Angeles managed to grab all the water rights – now it is an alkali desert. If someone tried to hold back water city of LA would sue their pants off.

      However – whether this should happen is another question. If you owned part of the missisipi river near Iowa could you dam it up and deny water to millions of people whose land the river used to flow. Not sure if that would work out.

          • Why? You believe those downstream were simply engaging in the freebies of nature to which they have no right to? You’re free to collect water in a stream but it’s not yours per se and will be gone as soon as someone upstream dams it?

  2. That hamburger robot has been out for a while. Not sure why it hasn’t spread widely. Maybe it does not work as well as advertised.

    • It almost assuredly doesn’t work as well as advertised. Many technologies don’t. Has anyone actually tasted one of these burgers? They don’t look particularly appealing in the picture, but if the customers don’t like them, then it doesn’t matter how quickly this machine can make them.

      • Oh, I am not worried about the taste. The ingredients are what they are.

        The benefits in terms of speed and sanitation are undeniable. Combine it with a delivery service like Munchery or Gobble, and that is a game changer.

        But it remains to be seen if the robot actually sells.

        FF Chains like McD, Burger King, Taco Bell, etc. could all have company-specific custom robots made for them, given their large number of locations.

  3. Uh huh. Apparently Libertarians haven’t heard of water easements right. Namely those upstream don’t screw over those downstream by trapping all of the water flow.

    • I would imagine, in the olden days, if you dammed up the community river which supplied water to most of the farms in a township and refused to let any go down steam – the libertarian answer would be a lynching of the farmer in question

      • Nonsense. See the ‘Angel and the Badman’ for reference. A man with a reputation brings the water hoarder to meet the neighbors and it all works out.

        • Either way those upstream ought not deprive those downstream of water which is what the guy tried to do by creating three large reservoirs. So why some Libertarians find this to be a problem is beyond me.

          • Either way those upstream ought not deprive those downstream of water which is what the guy tried to do by creating three large reservoirs.

            Nope. Not even remotely close.

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