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Obama uses statistical fraud to accuse dry cleaners of gender discrimination, just like his fraud about the 23% pay gap

The extent of President Obama’s “revolting pay gap demagoguery” and willingness to spread “statistical frauds” about women’s issues to gain popularity with female voters apparently has no limits. Last week he accused America’s dry cleaners of engaging in systematic and unfair gender discrimination by charging women higher prices than men. Watch the video above as Obama, surrounded by women, says:

We’ll talk about dry cleaners next, right? [Watch all of the women shake their heads in agreement.] I don’t know why it cost more for Michelle’s blouse than my shirt. We got to make sure that America works for everybody.

Obama’s accusation that dry cleaners discriminate against their female customers is based on the same statistical fraud that he uses to attribute the entire 23% unadjusted gender pay gap to gender discrimination by falsely assuming that he’s comparing wages of men and women doing the exact same work. In the case of dry cleaners, Obama’s new statistical fraud is based on the faulty assumption that dry cleaners engage in gender-based discrimination by charging women more than men for having the exact same clothing item cleaned.

Following Obama’s false claims of gender discrimination last Tuesday, the female Executive Director of the National Cleaners Association responded later the same day with this letter to Obama, here’s an excerpt:

Imagine my distress when during your remarks about Pay Fairness, you segued into a smear on the quintessential small business, the dry cleaner, by suggesting you should be targeting them for gender biased pricing. Mr. President, for dry cleaning services, gender pricing is a myth, and we can prove it with the math!

We hope that once you understand the math, you will follow up your national conversation about dry cleaners by publicly correcting the mistaken impression that the media has helped to foster among many Americans, including our First Family.

As an industry, dry cleaners do not charge more for a woman’s shirt than a man’s shirt, they charge more for a hand ironed shirt than they do a machine pressed shirt. If you check your own dry cleaning bill, you’ll find that YOU pay more for the laundering and finishing of your hand ironed tuxedo shirt, than you do for the automated processing of your everyday traditional dress shirt! The price is in the math as calculated by the labor required not the gender of the client!
Simple math. Hand ironing takes more time and requires more skill, and therefore costs the cleaner more to produce. Because it costs more to produce, he charges more for the work.

Hopefully, now that you understand the terrible injustice that has been done to the nation’s dry cleaners, and have made the issue part of the national conversation, you will see how you were misled and take steps to undo the hurt and damage that has been inflicted on fair minded, hard working small businesses.


Nora P. Nealis
Executive Director

Bottom Line: Just like Obama’s wage gap demagoguery implies that companies like Ford Motor Company hire male engineers for $100,000 but then pay women with the same exact credentials and experience a salary of only $77,000, Obama accuses dry cleaners of charging women more than men to have the exact same shirt cleaned and pressed. In both cases (wages and dry cleaning), Obama’s engages in the politically-motivated statistical fraud of comparing apples to oranges, and then uses fraudulent conclusions to appeal to female voters: women are paid less than men for doing the exact same work, and women pay more than men for having the exact same item dry cleaned. Complete false conclusions in both cases.

80 thoughts on “Obama uses statistical fraud to accuse dry cleaners of gender discrimination, just like his fraud about the 23% pay gap

  1. Dr. Perry oozes out of the right wing La Brea tar pits to accuse Obama of what he himself engages in. There’s no distortion, no delusion, no myth that supports the rich Dr. Perry won’t defend, as his last hallucinogenic rant about how much tax the poor little rich folk pay proves.


    • Simple math is a “distortion”, “delusion”, and “myth”? You’re cute when you’re mad, aren’t you, you little so and so!

      • Here let’s try simple math: supply side right wing socialism

        Destroy labor unions…done

        Deregulate banks because the rich can self regulate…done

        cut capital gains taxes to the lowest rates in 60 years…done

        The right promised us heaven on earth. Instead Wall Street took ALL income growth for the last 3 years while the middle class lost 8 million jobs.

        Some mathematics those right wingers have.

        • supply side right wing socialism

          Meaningless nonsense. Stringing a bunch of words together doesn’t mean you have written anything coherent.

          Destroy labor unions…done

          “Destroy”? Seriously? very few want to be in a union, this is why unions, at their peak, included about a third of the labor force and now includes only around 10% of the labor force.

          Deregulate banks because the rich can self regulate…done

          Pure delusion.

          cut capital gains taxes to the lowest rates in 60 years…done

          If this is true, this is fantastic.

          The right promised us heaven on earth.

          Who and when?

          The best thing about your comment is how you’ve completely ignored the post all together. Instead of countenancing the very simple mathematics of dry cleaning, you’ve gone off on incoherent and nonsensical rants. You make me smile.

        • “supply side right wing socialism … — Douchebag

          … when Congressional Budget Office director Robert Reischauer expressed concerns about taxpayer liabilities if Fannie and Freddie encountered financial difficulty, Frank responded so vehemently that the subcommittee chairman, the gentlemanly Texan Henry B. Gonzalez, admonished him to stop badgering the witness. His propinquity to Fannie Mae was manifest when the company hired his domestic partner upon his graduation from business school at Dartmouth and in the $75,000 that Fannie donated to a Boston nonprofit group cofounded by Frank’s mother.

          Dodd promoted legislation to assist troubled subprime-mortgage lenders such as California-based Countrywide Financial when they faced collapse after the housing bubble burst. It later turned out that he had accepted below-market mortgage rates from Countrywide for refinancing his Washington and Connecticut homes. — The National Interest


          • In “Reckless Endangerment,” Morgenson and Rosner offer considerable censure for reckless bankers, lax rating agencies, captured regulators and unscrupulous businessmen. But the greatest responsibility for the collapse of the housing market and the near “Armageddon” of the American economy belongs to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and to the politicians who created and protected them. With a couple of prominent exceptions, the politicians were Democrats claiming to do good for the poor. Along the way, they enriched themselves and their friends, stuffed their campaign coffers, and resisted all attempts to enforce market discipline. When the inevitable collapse arrived, the entire economy suffered, but no one more than the poor. — Townhall

            Morgenson and Rosner are New York Times reporters, not “right-wingers”.

          • The only one on a racist screed indicting “lazy black people” is you.

            So, I guess we all know what that makes you.

          • Morgenson and Rosner use their investigative skills to dig down and explain why those actions were taken … The book then gives examples where Fannie’s executives — Jim Johnson, CEO from 1991 to 1998, is singled out more than anyone else — used the excess profits to support government officials in a variety of ways with plenty left over for large bonuses: They got jobs for friends and relatives of elected officials, including Rep. Barney Frank, who is tagged as “a perpetual protector of Fannie,” and they set up partnership offices around the country which provided more jobs. They financed publications in which writers argued that Fannie’s role in promoting homeownership justified federal support. They commissioned work by famous economists, such as Nobel Prize-winner Joseph Stiglitz, which argued that Fannie was not a serious risk to the taxpayer, countering “critics who argued that both Fannie and Freddie posed significant risks to the taxpayer.” They made campaign contributions and charitable donations to co-opt groups like the community action organization ACORN, which “had been agitating for tighter regulations on Fannie Mae.” They persuaded executive branch officials — such as then Deputy Treasury Secretary Larry Summers — to ask their staffs to rewrite reports critical of Fannie. In the meantime, Countrywide, the mortgage firm led by Angelo Mozilo, partnered with Fannie in originating many of the mortgages Fannie packaged (26 percent in 2004) and gave “sweetheart” loans to politicians with power to affect Fannie, such as Sen. Chris Dodd of Connecticut. The authors write that “Countrywide and Fannie Mae were inextricably bound.” — Washington Post

            It’s corrupt Democrats all the way down.

          • “THe right wing has all kinds of code words for blacks.”

            But apparently the only people with the decoder rings are race-baiting, left-wing, degenerates.

            Well, we only have one word for you – moron.

      • “Deregulate banks because the rich can self regulate …” — Douchebag

        When it entered the world in the final days of 2000, almost no one cared a jot about the Commodity Futures Modernization Act. In hindsight, the CFMA turned out to be one of the most momentous pieces of legislation passed during the entire Clinton administration—and one of the darkest spots on the record of Treasury Secretary Lawrence Summers. It began with a simple question: who should regulate derivatives, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission or the Securities and Exchange Commission? By answering “none of the above,” the CFMA essentially deregulated the entire derivatives market, including energy derivatives, as abused by Enron, and credit-default swaps, which allowed AIG Financial Products to binge on unlimited amounts of risk. Enron became the largest corporate fraud in history (and any Californian will be able to tell you about the consequences for energy prices in the state, which were pegged to market prices being manipulated by Enron traders), while AIG’s bailout cost U.S. taxpayers hundreds of billions of dollars that were desperately needed elsewhere. But the most invidious effect of the CFMA wasn’t so much financial as political. It marked the point at which Washington became completely captured by Wall Street. Those who opposed the act were ousted; those who pushed it through, rewarded. Financial laws still can’t get passed unless and until the banks want them enacted. And we’re all suffering the consequences. — Newsweek

        “It was Summers who encouraged Clinton to sign the Commodity Futures Modernization Act, which declared CDOs and CDSs immune to any existing regulatory law and the purview of any regulatory agency.” — The Nation


        • And when the theoretical idea of deregulation started to be tested in the marketplace, and led to a 20,000% run up in credit default swaps, the right wing, which controlled congress AND the presidency 2003 2007“…

          Pull your head out puharic and get a dose of reality

          • GSE’s were irrelevant. Minor players compared to the banking houses the right wing PROMISED could regulate themselves. The right wing has more faith in the rich than a saint has in Christ. And the right swore that Wall Street and the infallible market would protect us from any problems

            you promised!!!

          • Liar. GSE’s weren’t even permitted to underwrite subprime mortgages until the GOP took control of congress in 2003. By that time Wall Street was selling TRILLIONS in credit default swaps, which bankrupted the economy

            But the rich were getting very rich. And they’d rely on the middle class to bail them out

            Socialism for the rich, engineered by the right wing

          • You are singlehandedly proving their point.

            Prove leftists don’t know shit about economics.

            Bobby Fubaric

            Res ipsa loquitur

          • All of Obama’s and previous leftist policies have failed entirely. They have led to the worst economic recovery on record, because it was your goal to destroy the economy.

            That is the only possible explanation for our current situation.

          • Obama is the proximate cause for the terrible position of this country. The previous interventionism, including 40 years of leftist control of Congress, was a driving force.

            The economic plans of the current administration are so destructive and criminal they have caused irreparable harm to the country, and will be forever blamed for its collapse.

          • The worst recovery on record is being caused by the worst economic policy on record, from the worst president (and advisors) on record.

            The dumbest people on record (Bobby Fubaric) are the core constituency of the destruction.

  2. Ms. Nealis perfectly illuminates a very unfortunate reality: Namely, that the President of the United States is, plain and simple, just an imbecile.

    • Maybe he should embrace the supply side socialism that the right used to bankrupt America and which they still defend today.

      • Maybe he should embrace the supply side socialism that the right used to bankrupt America … — Douchebag

        Democrats who voted for the bailout — which was championed by their own leaders along with President George W. Bush and Senator John McCain of Arizona, then the Republican presidential nominee — are now facing attacks from Republican challengers on the campaign trail. Republicans who voted for it are being accused of promoting big government and fiscal irresponsibility by Tea Party candidates and other conservatives.

        Emotions can run high over the subject. Lawmakers report being buttonholed over bailouts by confrontational constituents, and Senator Robert F. Bennett, Republican of Utah, was jeered at a party convention by people chanting “TARP, TARP, TARP.”

        “It became a litmus test of fidelity to free enterprise principles,” said Representative Bob Inglis, a South Carolina Republican who was crushed in a primary last month partly because of his vote in favor of the plan. — New York Times, July 10, 2010M

        Democrats voted overwhelmingly to bailout Wall Street, Republicans not so much. And, of course, those that did endured the wrath of “the right”.

    • Pot.Kettle.Black

      “So, just some rough calculations, about $12 billion would be returned to the economy to be used productively (or approximately $36,400 per American!).”

      • You are wrong. I made a math error. That is not the same as not knowing statistics. It means I am human (and why it is important to watch your decimal places and not type too fast).

        Not knowing statistics is when you claim “women makes 77 cents for every dollar men make!”

        • Obama made a math error.

          “In 2012, women who were full-time wage and salary
          workers had median usual weekly earnings of $691. On
          average in 2012, women made about 77 81 percent of the
          median earnings of male full-time wage and salary worker
          ($854). In 1979, the first year for which comparable
          earnings data are available, women earned 62 percent of
          what men earned. (See chart 1 and tables 1 and 12.)”


          • As I’ve said a number of times to your pussy ass, put up or shut up. Put your money where your mouth is and start a business hiring mostly or exclusively women. Using your logic you will literally become a billionaire.

            That you’re too much of a pussy to use your own money shows how much you believe in what you’re saying, i.e., you do not believe what you’re saying. You believe what you’re saying to be so right that the only way you can think to convince people how right you are is to use the coercive power of the police state.


          • The irony of someone saying women aren’t discriminated against calling his opponent a ‘pussy’.

            So you’re claiming that word “pussy” itself is discriminatory against women? Women are such shrinking violets that the mere utterance of a word is indicative of sexism against women? So similarly you must conclude that calling someone a “dick” is discriminatory against men, right?

            Try again, little one. Maybe one of these days, puBear, rubbing both your brain cells together will generate some heat, but today, you’re coming up very cold.

          • marmico

            Obama made a math error.


            There is a world of difference between Obozo including a math error in a State of the Union speech and Jon Murphy including a math error in a blog comment. Besides Jon acknowledged his error. Obama?

            Still waiting for that one.

  3. I doubt there is a requirement to hand iron blouses.

    I don’t know – I have brought blouses in that look exactly like my work shirts except the buttons were on the wrong side. When asked why they charged me $4 instead of $2 – they couldn’t give an answer. Esp. If they are white with a collar.

    • I have had the same anecdotal experience. Now anecdote is not data but I wouldn’t rely on the Executive Director of the Dry Cleaner’s Association for conclusive evidence.

      Why haven’t dry cleaners adjusted their automatic presses to women’s blouses?

      • Quit pussying out and start a business. If you really believe what you’re saying, start a laundry and charge the same for both men and women. You can do this all over the country, providing the same service at a lower price, handily out competing every other laundry and you’ll make a fortune doing it.

        Again: put up or shut up.

        • Wow, a national dry cleaning chain because women get screwed for what. $320 million a year (a buck per capita per year).

          As Adam Smith said:

          “People of the same trade seldom meet together, even for merriment and diversion, but the conversation ends in a conspiracy against the public, or in some contrivance to raise prices. It is impossible indeed to prevent such meetings, by any law which either could be executed, or would be consistent with liberty and justice. But though the law cannot hinder people of the same trade from sometimes assembling together, it ought to do nothing to facilitate such assemblies; much less to render them necessary.”

          All you need worry about is why Paul “stick it to low income women” Ryan’s trust baby spouse filed her tax returns late with consequent amended congressional disclosures in the 2012 presidential election campaign and no journalist picked it up and ran with his blatant filing fraud.

          • Wow, a national dry cleaning chain because women get screwed for what.

            As I said, you pussy, if you believe “women get screwed” at the laundry, put up or shut up. Risk your money to start a laundry. Using your logic you will make a fortune. That you don’t shows you don’t believe what it is your saying.

            “People of the same trade seldom meet together, even for merriment and diversion, but the conversation ends in a conspiracy against the public, or in some contrivance to raise prices….”

            So, your claim is that laundry owners get together to commit “conspiracy against the public”? Do you have any evidence of this or do just assume your conclusion? You can break that conspiracy, though, if you really believed it. You could start your own laundry and not participate in that conspiracy, providing prices you think aren’t conspiratorial, siphoning off customers from all other laundries involved in the conspiracy. But as I’ve mentioned, you’re too much of a pussy to do this because you know what you’re saying isn’t true.

            But you like to preen, pretending you care oh so much about other people, when it’s clear you don’t even believe what you’re saying.

            All you need worry about is why Paul “stick it to low income women” Ryan’s

            I love the complete non-sequitir in a desperate attempt to change the subject from you being a pusillanimous puke too pussy to put your money where your mouth is to Paul Ryan’s tax returns, as if that has anything to do with laundries.


          • marmico

            All you need worry about is why Paul “stick it to low income women” Ryan’s trust baby spouse filed her tax returns late with consequent amended congressional disclosures in the 2012 presidential election campaign and no journalist picked it up and ran with his blatant filing fraud.

            LOL, are you sure it’s a good idea to bring up the subject of income taxes considering how any of Oblamer’s nominees for important positions were outright cheats? How many actually owed taxes that they just hadn’t bothered to pay? No question about late. or amended returns, they just didn’t pay their taxes, period.

            It isn’t t clear whether you’re a poor reader or just a typical leftist liar. Your source doesn’t include any information about late filing of tax returns, and neither does any other readily available source. The Ryans filed an amended return in 2011 to include some additional income. No one, including the House ethics committee, had any problem with Ryan’s tax returns.

            I’m not a big Ryan fan, but your silly outbursts are just too much to ignore.

            You might consider writing comments that aren’t so blatantly wrong, and so easy to poke holes in.

      • Why haven’t dry cleaners adjusted their automatic presses to women’s blouses?

        Be careful marmico, this may be subject that, like so many others, you have little actual knowledge of, and therefore about which, you aren’t qualified to ask a question like that.

        When I presented your question to several local dry cleaners they laughed their asses off.

  4. Barry used actual fraud to sell Obamascare too.

    Why is anyone surprised Barry is using it here?

    Barry is a fraud and liar. He has to commit fraud to perpetrate his failures. This is a requirement for Barry’s radical leftist neosocialism.

    • Bullshit, scumbag.

      Multiple intel agencies believed the intel was sound, and Dumasscrats signed off on it. Stop lying.

      National defense is a legitimate function of federal government. Healthcare is not.

      • Which is bullshit. Hans Blix, ON THE GROUND, failed to find WMD’s. And Tenet told Bush there were no WMD’s. Bush told him he was wrong and to find them

        THe right lied 4400 US troops into graves. And now they gripe about Obama…

        • No it wasn’t bullshit. Multiple agencies signed off on the intel, as did Dumbasscraps in congress.

          Tough shit if you don’t like it – it happened, asshole.

          This has nothing to do with this thread.

          This thread is about Obama’s prosecutable frauds, and your despicable defense of criminality, shitforbrains.

          • And the guy on the ground…as you ignored…found none. None. The guy who was there.

            The French also said there were none. The CIA said there were none.

            You obsess on Obama because he’s black. I focus on Bush because he, Cheney and Rumsfeld murdered US troops, like the right wing does.

            That’s why you ignore their killer politics.

          • LMFAO The French!!!!! Who could dispute them?!?!?

            God, you’re painfully dumb.

            You scumbag leftists killed more than 100 million people in the past century – the failure of collectivism was THE lesson of the 20th century. You sick assholes never learn, because you are abnormally, exceptionally stupid people.

            You excuse incompetent, dangerous radicals like Obama because he is black.

            You, like all leftists, are massively demented, and need to be stopped. Obamascare will kill millions.

            Millions is larger than 4400, just to be clear.

          • Sorry sport. All concentration camp guards were Christians. Ayn Rand was an atheist. And she’s the god of the US right wing. Paul Ryan worships her. She’s the one who said that the middle class is worthless…a belief shared by the American right wing.

          • Sorry shitbag, you leftists are the murderers.

            And now you’ve destroyed the economy, healthcare, and pretty much everything else.

            Don’t worry, you’ll get yours.

          • Leftists aren’t known for being Christians. And Germany was a Christian country. Christians murdered the Jews. They provided the guards, the SS troops, the Einsatzgruppen

            Not Buddhists. Not Muslims. Not atheists


          • Ayn Rand said Christians were murderers. She said they invented communism.

            And no one on the right questions her. She’s the right wing’s new god.

          • You leftists killed 100 million people in the 20th century.

            That’s a lot of guilt to be hauling around Bobby shitforbrains.

          • Leftists killed 100 million people last century.

            You’re not going to get that chance again, scumbag.

          • It took a century for the Christian heresy of communism to do what Christians did in 6.

        • “THe right lied 4400 US troops into graves.”

          The Washington Post looked at the Democrats own report on Bush’s assertions leading up to the liberation of Iraq and found no evidence that Bush had lied:

          ” … dive into Rockefeller’s report, in search of where exactly President Bush lied about what his intelligence agencies were telling him about the threat posed by Saddam Hussein, and you may be surprised by what you find.” — Washington Post

          Read it all. The next time that you write that sentence, you will have no excuse. You will simply be a liar.

        • “And the guy on the ground…as you ignored…found none. None. The guy who was there.”

          “Well, for starters, we found 550 long tons of unrefined yellowcake (for the metrically-impaired, that’s 1,212,541 pounds of the stuff Joe Wilson *said* Saddam had no interest in acquiring). The Dems squeaked that it didn’t count, because Saddam had no centrifuges to use in enriching it to weapons grade – and then when we found the centrifuges, they squawked that the centrifuges (the exact same model Siemens centrifuge Iran used at Natanz to enrich its uranium, by the way) were for pharmaceutical purposes – even though they were found buried in the compound of the chief of Saddam’s nuke program.

          By the way, the 606 US tons of yellowcake remained stockpiled in Iraq for anyone curious enough to want to look at it until 2008, when it was quietly shipped to Canada for refining. — MSNBC

          It’s all just bullshit with you, isn’t it?

          • So no WMD’s? THanks. You just confirmed Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld were lying war criminals who should have been impeached.

            And you guys obsess about Obama.


        • This idiot is depending on that clod Hans Blix?!?!

          Now that is funny puharic and yet another beautiful example of you stumbling around with your head up your rectal orifice…

          Here you go, more reality check for the pseudo physicist…

          • So 4400 US troops died for…nothing…for rusted shells and a non existent WMD program that was no threat?

            Thanks. I already knew that.

            The right killed 4400 US troops and Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld should have been jailed.

        • “So 4400 US troops died for…nothing…for rusted shells and a non existent WMD program that was no threat? The right killed 4400 US troops and Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld should have been jailed.”

          If the WMD program was no threat then why did Clinton fight to keep UN sanctions in place that were killing hundreds of thousands of Iraqis, including close to a half a million Iraqi children?

          Madeleine Albright – 60 Minutes

          Whose intelligence was Clinton relying on? Did he lie all of those people into the grave? Should he and his cast of characters been tried for war crimes and jailed?

          • Uh we’re talking about over a decade of time. Clinton continued GHW Bush’s sanctions because the UN required Iraq to pay reparations for the invasion of Kuwait and to open its borders to inspections, which Iraq did not do.

            AND it was over a DECADE LATER that the right wing killed 4400 US troops with a lie about WMD’s which the UN inspectors said they could not find even though they were on the ground.

            Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld lied and should be jailed.

        • You are sounding increasingly desperate. It gets harder and harder when everything that you believe is exposed as bullshit. Doesn’t it?

        • “Where were the WMD’s?”

          Let’s ask some Democrats:

          “He will use those weapons of mass destruction again, as he has ten times since 1983.” – Sandy Berger, Clinton National Security Adviser, Feb, 18, 1998

          “One way or the other, we are determined to deny Iraq the capacity to develop weapons of mass destruction and the missiles to deliver them. That is our bottom line.” – President Bill Clinton, Feb. 4, 1998

          “If Saddam rejects peace and we have to use force, our purpose is clear. We want to seriously diminish the threat posed by Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction program.” – President Bill Clinton, Feb. 17, 1998

          “Iraq is a long way from here, but what happens there matters a great deal here. For the risks that the leaders of a rogue state will use nuclear, chemical or biological weapons against us or our allies is the greatest security threat we face.” – Madeline Albright, Clinton Secretary of State, Feb 18, 1998

          “He will use those weapons of mass destruction again, as he has ten times since 1983.” – Sandy Berger, Clinton National Security Adviser, Feb, 18, 1998

          “We urge you, after consulting with Congress, and consistent with the U.S. Constitution and laws, to take necessary actions (including, if appropriate, air and missile strikes on suspect Iraqi sites) to respond effectively to the threat posed by Iraq’s refusal to end its weapons of mass destruction programs.” – Letter to President Clinton signed by Democratic Senators Carl Levin, Tom Daschle, John Kerry and others, Oct. 9, 1998

          “Saddam Hussein has been engaged in the development of weapons of mass destruction technology which is a threat to countries in the region and he has made a mockery of the weapons inspection process.” – Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D, CA), Dec. 16, 1998

          “Hussein has … chosen to spend his money on building weapons of mass destruction and palaces for his cronies.” – Madeline Albright, Clinton Secretary of State, Nov. 10, 1999

          Again, if they all knew it was bullshit, why did the Democrats kill all of those kids?

        • And yet not a single soldier died in a war started in 1998

          Because as we all know, Iraqis are human, so their dead from the Clinton bombings in 1998, can’t be considered “soldiers”, amaright? Let’s not forget the timing and excuse for these bombings either. The day before the Lewinski hearings Clinton bombed Iraq. He used the excuse that Iraq stopped cooperating with UNSCOM. The reality is that Iraq had increased its cooperation with UNSCOM.

          Let that sink into your dome, Clinton was such a scum bag, that he started bombing and killing Iraqis, in order to not Monica Lewinski off the front pages.

          And yet not a single WMD was found by Hans Blix

          Not exactly a ringing endorsement of Hans Blix’s competence given the literally dozens of chemical weapons depots found all over Iraq. As well as considering the 500 metric tons of yellow cake removed from Iraq in 2008 and sent to Canada.

          I love how you think this has something to do with laundromats. I also think it’s cute that your complete ignorance of recent US history makes you assert things that are verifiably false. You should worry about your professors’ complete disregard in teaching you the basics of modern US history, which of course goes against their adamant belief that Clinton wasn’t a POS, and ignoring that much of Bush’s presidency was spent cleaning up Clinton’s complete inability to effectively deal with international affairs, such as his failed attempts to deal with bin Laden and Hussein.

        • Edit: Because as we all know, Iraqis aren’t human, so their dead from the Clinton bombings in 1998, can’t be considered “soldiers”, amaright?

  5. Let me see if I understand this, Mr. President. In one of the more fragmented and competitive retail markets, ALL of the operators have conspired to charge women a higher price for their product. NONE of them have broken ranks to offer a lower price and gain competitive advantage. OPEC would be envious of that level of discipline!

  6. It isn’t just about hand ironing. At these establishments women’s clothes are usually *dry cleaned*, while men’s clothes, being made of much sturdier (if less comfortable) materials, can be *laundered*. The former is significantly more expensive than the latter.

    The same goes for stupid “equal cost hair cut” laws. It takes a lot more labor to cut a woman’s hair. Forcing men’s and women’s haircuts to cost the came is a straight-up subsidy of women’s haircuts by men.

  7. There is no point in conversing with someone like Robert, he is so far gone there is no turning back. I had a similar experience with a fellow on another site, he responded with a post of “code words” created by some other lofo. Have you ever seen the video about the “turbo encabulator”? Just like Robert, he strings together technically sounding words, phrases and concepts. Unlike Robert, he is funny

  8. So according to Obama’s logic, I really need to start a dry cleaning business that only hires women and charge the same for both men’s and women’s clothing because obviously the current dry cleaners who have male employees are paying 30% more than they would with a female employee and are overcharging for drycleaning women’s clothing.

    I should be able to franchise out my business very quickly and it should not take long for me to dominate the dry cleaning business in the country with those labour savings and huge price advantage. I may become one of the richest people in the country. Who knew it was this simple?

    • GMF

      Exactly. This argument about charging different amounts is really stupid. Charging different amounts for different clothes isn’t discrimination against women, it’s discrimination against clothes, which as far as I know is still legal.

      If women were charged more than men for the exact same clothes, which no one is arguing, the opportunity for a cleaner to charge the same amount and advertise the fact, would provide them a great advantage.

      Of course that cleaner might just charge more for men’s clothing to equalize the price, but all those whiners about discrimination would be happy.

      However, all of that is irrelevant, because in a batter world anyone could charge any customer any price they wish, for any reason. The free market would determine the “correct” price, and anyone charging more would lose business.

  9. The puharic trying and succeeding in setting new new definitions for asinine behavior says: “Some record of success – And his proof that there were WMD’s in Iraq? A bunch of rusty shells were found. He assumes the record keeping in Iraq was so perfect that this tiny amount of non functioning, decayed shells is proof of a massive WMD program“…

    Couple of problems here puharic, first of all you did not read or comprehend the contents of the Wired article I pointed you to which was sourced from Wikileaks…

    Second you have no idea what condition sarin warheads were in…

    Third, let’s hear what the party of the seditious & sleazy had to say about Iraqi WMDs

    • That was 5 years before Bush went to war. Plenty of time for things to change. Plenty of time for Bush to get it right

      But he didn’t because right wing necons had a theology of nation building

      It cost us 4400 US troops. Based on a lie…a lie

      And your best reference is half a decade earlier than the war

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