8 thoughts on “Markets in everything

  1. The American food stores is an Interesting Phenomena. Everywhere in the world except for China, Chinese food is food that really originated out of San Francisco and New York.

    Pizza is also American style everywhere except Italy. It actually causes anguish because locals – especially in Itally get upset that local pizza joints are getting replaced with joints that sell American style pizza because that is what the tourists expect.

    Italian pizza has pureed tomatoes and a touch of cheese which may cover half the tomato paste (I am not saying sauce because it isn’t anything like the heavy spicy sauces we have in the US – it really is like a can of Hunts, Grandma would use as a sauce starter)

  2. You can buy a crack pipe in British Columbia, but it is illegal to buy a 100 watt incandescent light bulb.

    Strange times, strange times.

    • No, our masters are much more subtle. You can buy the 100w bulbs, but not manufacture or import them. Freedom is preserved for the vast majority of the peasants (sarc).

      Only the perverse freedom of a few rogue manufacturers is limited, as they were only in it for the money. Save the earth! Buy only expensive light bulbs by the enlightened, gov’t approved manufacturers.

    • Morg,

      I know you were being sarcastic but I have to point out that the 25 cent crack pipe was not based on making money. it was not designed to create more crack users.

      That area in British Columbia has an bad problem with addicts. The goal of supplying the cheap crack pipes was to lessen the harmful side effects from shared pipe use. Similar to giving away free needles to herion users.

      While I do not condone hard drug use like this, I do support the actions of the workers on street level who are trying to help these addicts. If this lessens the spread of desease then it is a worthy attempt as long as it is combined with treatment and help for the addicts to kick their habit.

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