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  1. Todd Mason says:

    You will pardon me if I suspect that average attentive job creators will figure out in about a minute and half how to turn a wage subsidy to their advantage rather than workers’. Countries such as Finland and Canada have decidedly mixed results using wage subsidies. And those experiments have been limited to targeted groups, like older workers or disabled workers. No one as yet has told high schoolers, ‘Hey, quit now and I’ll pay you $10/hr or you can graduate and I’ll pay you …. $10/hr!”

    Makes you wonder why corporate interests want to scrap EITC, which works, for yet another iffy corporate welfare program. OK. Never mind.

    • Paul says:

      Could be right, Turd. Here’s a much simpler approach: “Attention, all able-bodied workers! Welfare is off in 3…2..1…”

      • Todd Mason says:

        And employment will explode: Burglar bars, prison guards, ER attendants, gravediggers. Just for a change, Paul, how about offering up a solution that might actually be doable on planet earth.

  2. juandos says:

    Rubio’s “Flex Fund” would replace federal anti-poverty programs with a single funding stream back to the states at current dollar levels eventually adjusted for population, poverty rates, and inflation“…


    Yet another corruption stream potential, crony capitalist salavating at the possibility…

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