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  1. GDT says:

    Someone help me out. I thought he also revealed how our government was illegally spying on it’s citizens.

  2. Harlem Twist says:

    I am trusting that government is doing right thing. They always good.

  3. R Ferris says:

    If Snowden is a traitor then all red blooded patriotic citizens are traitors to the uber state……..with out his revelations we would not even know of the un-constitutional actions currently being taken.
    Thiessen sets the bar so high for whistke blowers that the only ones he honors are the ones that turn their parents in to the government….oh well at least he is direct ion his support of FACISM….or maybe he does not know what facism looks like unless it wears a swastika.

  4. DrPDG says:

    Marc, I really hope you are being facetious, but I suspect not. Both the Bush and the Obama administration have literally torn the US Constitution to shreds and here is a man with the cojones to stand up and blow the whistle on what these politicians have done and you want him PROSECUTED?

    I agree with you….. Snowden should NOT get amnesty….. In ADDITION to amnesty, he should also be awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom and then let’s throw in Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize on top of that.

    Sorry, Snowden is, IMPO, a true AMERICAN HERO and deserves much more than just amnesty but to see the those who have eroded our Constitution Rights prosecuted and thrown in jail, starting with Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld but continuing to to Obama, Holder and much of today’s congress, who are sworn to uphold the constitution.

    Dr. PDG, Jakarta, Indonesia

  5. Scott Walker says:

    Snowden is a hero. I would far rather see him as President than any Republican or Democrat. He is not a “traitor to his country” either. The traitors may be found enthusiastically bleating on behalf of the State-which is not the same thing as our country.

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