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America, here’s your cruel, senseless, immoral Drug War….

About six weeks ago, I reported the disturbing case of David Eckert (“America’s cruel Drug War now includes forced anal probing of innocent victims by law enforcement agencies“), who was anally raped by law enforcement officials in New Mexico and their medical accomplices in a futile search for drugs that escalated through multiple cavity searches, enemas, and X-rays, and ended up with a forced colonoscopy.

Jacob Sullum reports today in Reason (“Drug Warriors Kidnap and Sexually Assault a Woman After Getting Permission From a Dog“) on another disturbing drug search case that produced no drugs, this time of an innocent 54-year old New Mexican woman who was victimized (kidnapped, sexually/medically assaulted, and raped to be specific) by law enforcement officers and their medical professional accomplices. In a failed attempt to find drugs following a false positive alert by a dog, the victim was subjected to multiple invasive body cavity searches of her vagina, buttocks and rectum by two different doctors, a forced enema, a forced X-ray, and an forced CT scan.

Result: No contraband. Then to add insult to injury, the victim refused to sign a consent form and is now being billed $5,000, apparently the “going rate for sexual assault and gratuitous radiological bombardment” as Jacob Sullum aptly describes it.

Jacob provides all of the gory details and then ends with this insightful commentary:

This kind of abuse tends to draw attention only when the victim is “innocent,” meaning he or she is not in fact smuggling drugs. But how can any society call itself civilized when it allows human beings to be treated this way in the name of locating arbitrarily proscribed substances? Having arrogated to itself the authority to regulate what people put into their own bodies, the government ends up forcibly delving into those bodies in search of the chemicals it has anathematized. To enforce politicians’ pharmacological prejudices, the government’s agents and their medical accomplices become kidnappers and rapists. There is nothing noble or decent about this immoral crusade, and anyone associated with it ought to be ashamed of himself.

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14 thoughts on “America, here’s your cruel, senseless, immoral Drug War….

  1. What’s important here is to dismantle the apparatus for doing this: legalizing drugs, without dismantling the thuggish police-state infrastructure, would leave it looking for something else to do.

    One way to start dismantling it, is to start holding it accountable. In this specific case, criminal charges against the drug warriors would appear appropriate (enough of this “qualified immunity” excuse – if they caused a false dog “alert”, there’s no qualified immunity, so let a jury hear the case and decide whether they want to put up with this).

    Medical associations should also consider taking action against doctors who participate, and the hospital needs a serious public shaming.

  2. This should be done in airports across the country. After all, if an x-ray and CAT scan aren’t enough to prove that she didn’t have any drugs in her BODY, then how could a simple x-ray machine protect us all from all the terrorists using SUITCASES? I vote for leagalizing sexual assault in airports based on national defense. Sarcasm.

  3. America, here’s your cruel, senseless, immoral Drug War‘…

    Apparently a war that most voting citizens want continued if the voting results are anything to go by…

    Its obvious that voters have the wars they want…

    • Explain how kidnapping and assaulting innocent people is is going to stop that? Are the kidnappers and assaulters going to be punished for their senseless acts of violence? Are you, since you apparently support such acts?

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