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Iran rips off the West in the nuclear bazaar

Image Credit: shutterstock

Image Credit: shutterstock

Having spent some time in the Middle East, I’ve learned that there are two kinds of souq shoppers: there are those who shop carefully, know what they want, have a sense of basic market economics and have done a bit of research to figure out the price of their desired carpet/pottery/antique thing. Then there are the others, who flit joyfully from shop to shop with a broad grin and a kid-at-Disneyworld look on their faces, who enter each shop with the same lust to buy the awesome/genuine/finest quality/just for you/welcome crap. The latter drink a lot of tea. The happy shopper is happy (to coin a meme), but he does not get the best prices. Perhaps he doesn’t care. But I digress. Look at this picture:

Sense anyone is getting ripped off?

That’s right. The world’s great bazaaris (left) are chuckling because they’ve just sold their nuclear weapons program to the world’s worst bargainers (right; not pictured: John Kerry, Wendy Sherman). I won’t go over again what’s wrong with the notional deal Iran is laughing about (read about it here and here), but suffice it to say, Iran is getting sanctions relief without giving up enrichment or its nuclear weapons program.

Last note on this analogy: there’s always that guy who looks at the souq purchases proudly laid out around the hotel room and says, “You paid WHAT?” That man is Bibi Netanyahu. And just like his tourist counterpart, his opinions are not well received. How dare you tell me I have been taken, that I am not shrewd enough to make a good deal? That I have bought a fake?

Just remember, as you consider this problem, that while your wife/husband/uncle may have come home with a fake antique that cost $300 too much, Iran will go home with a nuclear weapon.

2 thoughts on “Iran rips off the West in the nuclear bazaar

  1. Still, the sooner Iran can be developed for oil, the better. Between them, Iran and Iraq could produce 20 million barrels a day of cheap oil, ushering in an extended period of low stable oil prices globally.
    So Iran gets a bomb. Pakistan, India and Israel have bombs. Russia has bombs. That is not pleasant but it is what it is.

  2. We used to worry about Russia having the bomb, because there was a real chance they might use it (just remember the fear in the 70′s and 80′s if you were alive then.) Iran getting a bomb would be similar, and their neighbors would insist on getting the bomb too. I’ll pay $5/gal for gas to have Iran not have the bomb.

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