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Top 10 ways Vladimir Putin can keep helping Barack Obama

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As the president has chosen to put the Syrian crisis in the ‘capable’ hands of Russia, AEI’s Foreign and Defense Policy team came up with a number of other items where Putin’s exceptional leadership may be of help.

  1. Ship Pussy Riot to Gitmo to end hunger strikes and efforts to leave.
  2. Mitigate sequestration and missile defense cuts, give Obama a good deal on S-300s.
  3. Recruit Snowden to the GRU so he can give Russian secrets to CIA.
  4. Export Russian health care system to US to obviate need for death panels.
  5. Help set new international norm: Make a profit selling WMDs to an ally, get credit for taking them away.
  6. Georgia resisting Obamacare? Let me tell you how I handled my Georgia problem!
  7. Update 1979 Afghanistan plan for US: Invade, then leave ignominiously, ensuring rise of Taliban.
  8. Relieve burden on the SEALs by teaching them how to use polonium for assassinations.
  9. Give North Korea an ICBM so US intelligence services can stop guessing.
  10. Get Tea Party to rename themselves “Chechens.”

And bonus:

Replace Tom Friedman at the New York Times (aww, just kidding, Tom)

Have your own ideas? We welcome your submissions in the comments section. Or tweet them to us @AEIfdp using the hashtag #PutinTop10.

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