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Professor Krugman, stay away from that litter box!

In yet another toxoplasmosic post, New York Times blogger and former Enron consultant Paul Krugman throws a temper tantrum about Republican demands to postpone the individual health insurance tax, and claims that they derive from a misunderstanding of the Affordable Care Act. He points out that the individual health insurance tax is central to the ACA, and that removing it would undermine the ACA. Repealing the ACA is, of course, what Republicans want. Undermining a law that you want to repeal strikes me as a pretty reasonable thing to do. Tying Obamacare to a CR or to a debt limit increase would probably backfire politically, but it is certainly not a tactic that is the product of a lack of understanding of the mechanics of the ACA.

One thought on “Professor Krugman, stay away from that litter box!

  1. Maybe Mr. Krugman could explain why if it’s a good idea to postpone Obamacare for companies, unions and congressional employees, it’s NOT a good idea to postpone it for the rest of us.

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