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Polls on global leadership and America’s standing in the world

Image Credit: shutterstock

Image Credit: shutterstock

America’s standing on the world: Out of 38 countries that the Pew Research Center polled in their latest Global Attitudes Survey, 29 had a more favorable than unfavorable opinion of the United States. The Philippines (85% favorable), Israel (83% favorable), and Ghana (83% favorable) had the most positive opinions. Respondents in Pakistan had the most negative views – only 11% thought favorably of the US, while 72% though unfavorably.

Friend or foe: When asked by Pew if the US is a partner to their country or an enemy, clear majorities in 23 nations say it’s a partner. The enemy response was particularly high in the Palestinian Territories (76%), Pakistan (64%), Turkey (49%), Lebanon (46%), Venezuela (39%), Tunisia (31%), Jordan (29%), Egypt (26%), and Russia (26%).

Global leadership: Gallup surveyed 130 countries in 2012 and asked people if they approved or disapproved of the leadership of the United States, China, Russia, the United Kingdom, and Germany. The US tied Germany for the highest approval among the countries surveyed, with 41% approving of each country’s leadership. Russia ranked at the bottom, with 23% approving of their performance.

Russia, not Mr. Popular: Across the 38 countries Pew polled, Russia has a more negative than positive image in 25 countries. In only two countries did more than half give Russia positive marks: Greece (63% favorable) and South Korea (53% favorable). Negative views of Russia are particularly strong in the Middle East.

More powerful or less?: The Chicago Council on Global Affairs asked Americans in their 2012 poll if they thought the U.S. plays a more important and powerful rule as a world leader today than ten years ago. Twenty-four percent said the U.S. plays a more important role. Forty-three percent thought it plays a less important role. Perceptions of U.S. importance and power have been declining since 2002, when 55% thought the U.S. played a more important role. The last time the “less important” response was as high as it is now was 1982, when 44% thought the U.S. played a less important role.

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