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Today is International Apostrophe Day

Today (August 16) is International Apostrophe Day and to celebrate this important day, here are some link’s, quotation’s and photo’s:

1. Start your celebration of International Apostrophe Day by taking this 13-question Apostrophe Quiz to assess your understanding of the rules regarding the use of the apostrophe.

2. From grammar czarnina Lynn Truss’s book “Eats, Shoots & Leaves: The Zero Tolerance Approach to Punctuation“:


3. See 22 photos of “Disastrous Apostrophe Fails” from the Huffington Post, including these two:


cart14. Here’s the Twitter site #ApostropheDay with a lot of good links and photos.

5. Here’s a link to the UK’s Apostrophe Protection Society.

6. And here’s the Apostrophe Abuse website.

7. See Arianna Huffington’s 2002 article in Salon titled “America’s apostrophe catastrophe,” where she asks the question “What’s with the growing misuse of that puny piece of punctuation?”

8. And finally, here’s a photo below that I featured on CD about a year ago, with a comment from Anu Garg at

If there’s an apostrophe hell this has to be it. If you see that fellow with his banner, ask him, “Why do you ♥ the apostrophe so much? Repent and believe in grammar.”

My thank’s to the reader who sent me that mans photo.


5 thoughts on “Today is International Apostrophe Day

  1. The quiz at the Independent said that “3 months’ experience” is incorrect, and gave “3 month’s experience” as correct. Is that a British thing? I’m pretty darn sure that for a plural time expression, the apostrophe would go after the ‘s’. No? Signed, -Perplexed

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