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Here’s what happened when the ECB did what Republicans want the Fed to do

Credit: MKM Partners

Credit: MKM Partners

The above chart is one of many “reality check” charts in a new research note from economist Mike Darda of MKM Partners. This one shows a stunning correlation between ECB tightening and further economic weakness in the eurozone back in 2011. Something for those on the center-right and elsewhere to think about as they bemoan the “easy” Bernanke Fed.

As Darda also points out, “the Fed has done enough to avoid deflation and double dip recession despite the most intense fiscal consolidation since the Korean War demobilization.”

That and no more, unfortunately.

3 thoughts on “Here’s what happened when the ECB did what Republicans want the Fed to do

  1. The Europeans are overwhelmingly rejecting “austerity” given to them by a guy formerly from JP Morgan. It was BAD for the people!

    • Austerity is inevitable stevor as the welfare state grows faster than GDP. What Mr. Pethokoukis is talking about is monetary policy.

  2. Looking at the whole time series, it is unclear to me what it shows. My best guest without runnings some statistics tests on it – uncorrelated.

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