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  1. Seattle Sam says:

    Are you suggesting that Democrats would purposely pass legislation that enlarges their constituency?

  2. mesa econoguy says:

    Government interference has already severely distorted medical goods and services pricing to the point that prices don’t reflect useful information or reality. Obamascare makes this thousands of times worse, so the fact that it will also to some degree incentivize and raise unemployment is completely expected.

    Medicare and Medicaid will both explode, more than they have to date:


    The unintended consequences to this terrible piece of legislation are staggering.

    Obamascare will go down as the worst piece of legislation in American history.

  3. Interesting Ofcourse says:

    Low income workers don’t typically receive medical insurance benefits. I know plenty of folks with careers in certain industries that have never had access to employer-subsidized insurance. I think that, with the expansion, more of these low-income workers would just keep working, but now qualify for subsidized coverage. Where am I wrong?

    FWIW, I’d rather have the government out completely and not have subsidized insurance tied to employment.

  4. Bruce says:

    And this is somehow surprising ?

  5. DTH says:

    It’s all put of the progressive’s plan to overwhelm the current system of government.

  6. JoyO says:

    I am wondering what all of these people who give up their jobs so they can get Obamacare will do after the Progressives convert Obamacare into a Single Payer System and the government runs everything. Something’s got to be given up when the government cannot come up with the funds. That’s why Obamacare has Death Panels.

    • Seattle Sam says:

      There will be rationing by queue. That’s how government health systems operate all over the world.

      Think of how the airline system would operate if government ran it and everyone was entitled to fly as often as they wished for one low price. Instead of raising prices on the most popular routes so that supply and demand equalized, you would take a number and maybe in a few months you could fly to your destination. Someone who needed to close a multimillion dollar business deal would have the same priority as someone who wanted to visit some friends.

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