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Let Egypt fail

Image Credit: Jonathan Rashad (Flickr) (CC BY 2.0)

Image Credit: Jonathan Rashad (Flickr) (CC BY 2.0)

It’s been a year since Mohammad Morsi took his oath of office, and the Egyptian public has had enough. Millions have come out into the street to protest Morsi’s rule. Perhaps many Egyptians could be forgiven for voting for the Muslim Brotherhood. After all, during the Brotherhood’s eight decades in opposition, they could promise Egyptians the world and never have to deliver. And what pious Muslim wouldn’t be attracted to the Brotherhood’s slogan, “Islam is the Solution”?

As soon as they won power, however, the Muslim Brotherhood dispensed with its patina of moderation and its embrace of democracy. The younger generation Brotherhood acolytes who charmed Western reporters on the street soon found their testaments to Muslim Brotherhood democracy to be wishful thinking. Even as Egypt hemorrhaged foreign reserves, Morsi preferred to enforce Islamist dictats on women, minorities, and moderate Muslims. Rather than bolster jobs, Morsi prayed for Israel’s destruction and embraced Hamas.

Throughout the region, Islamists claim to have a solution to worldly problems that secular governments do not. In every country they control, however — Iran, Turkey, Tunisia, and Egypt — it soon becomes clear their goal is power, not good governance. Muslim Brotherhood acolytes like Mohammad Morsi, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, and Ismail Haniyeh always confuse democracy with majoritarianism and mob rule; it is long past time they realize that true democracy is about accountability and rule-of-law. If the Muslim Brotherhood only focused their malevolence on their domestic audience, that would be tragic. But their incitement and the terrorism they promote make every Islamist-dominated country a security risk to moderate regimes and to the democracies that value individual freedom and liberty above collective identity.

Rather than subsidize the Muslim Brotherhood, the United States should stand back and let them fail. American taxpayer money is not an entitlement and should never subsidize hateful or anti-American regimes. The harder they fall, the better. Let the Muslim Brotherhood be discredited in the eyes not only of Egyptians, but all Arabs and Turks and, indeed, the world. Perhaps then the region can begin its long climb to recovery. And more liberal movements can finally get the domestic attention in the Middle East they deserve.

11 thoughts on “Let Egypt fail

  1. Wow, a bunch of people voted for a candidate/party that talked a good game but was more interested in cementing power and demonizing its opposition. A good thing that couldn’t happen in here…

    • IF they don’t destroy the country they are leading in the process, which is a big if, in a twisted sort of a way, it is almost a good thing when a guy like Morsi or Obama gets elected as it leaves some of us with the hope that people will wise up and see how incompetent, power hungry, and arrogant they are, how bankrupt their ideas are, and how incapable they are of anticipating their citizens response and correctly understanding human nature and people’s desire to succeed and control their own destiny,

      • Nothing changes if the ruling clique can give enough free stuff to keep the Kool-Aid drinkers happy. Of course, Egypt has no free stuff to give away, but one vote, one time, the gun, and some finger pointing and blame allocation helps to keep things going for a while.

  2. How come the MB didn’t have an effective ‘brown shirts’ force? Was it because Morsi figured his policies would produce success and thus it wouldn’t be needed.

    • Well he never controlled the military which is the one good thing about Egypt. If he had control over them, then Egypt would simply be like Syria or Iran.

  3. I fully agree with Mr. Rubin. The United States should not send one penny to Egypt in Morsi’s defense, nor should we shed one drop of blood.

  4. I’m not terribly worried about Morsi failing.

    I am concerned about the effect on Christians, and other minorities, afterwards.

    Anybody watching Egypt can easily see national starvation on the horizon. With that will surely come massive violence against Egypt’s religious minorities.

    I wish there was a program out there, “Operation Save-A-Christian,” or some such, that helped Christians evacuate the Muslim world. Leave that self-destructive mob to its own devices and come back in, oh, 50 years to clean up.

    شادباش ….. پیروزی خرد بر خرافات. نور بر تاریکی. شادی بر عزا انسانیت بر وحش . عشق و برابری برای ماد خواهر و همسر….

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