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Banter #106: The case for Mexico

Image Credit: Shutterstock

Image Credit: Shutterstock

Fresh off an event with the Mexican Ambassador to the United States, AEI Fellow Roger Noriega and the vice president of the Council of the Americas, Eric Farnsworth, join us this week on Banter. We discuss what the United States can do to help strengthen its ties with Mexico. Most Americans only hear about the violence going on south of our border and don’t realize that Mexico is slowly becoming a stable, middle class country. With a new president and a growing middle class, Mexico and the United States should be an economic match. We break down Ambassador Eduardo Medina Mora’s speech piece by piece and at the end both of our guests are optimistic that our relationship with Mexico is on the up and up. Check out the podcast here and if you like what you hear you can subscribe on iTunes here.

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