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  1. re: finds national health spending .. below US government forecasts”

    Total spending dropped.. but healthcare inflation has been proceeding on the same trend it has been, so I suspect they underestimate the impact of the recession. (graph from the Fed graph site on the site linked later):

    re: “health savings accounts”.

    Unfortunately Obamacare will restrict maximum deductibles, and its MLR rules may further inspire companies to drop HSA policies or make them less useful. It is likely Obamacare will lead prices to start rising faster, and that much of the lull in growth was due to the slower economy.

    re: “We better hope the innovation continues.”

    The problem is there are many reasons to expect it won’t due to Obamacare, e.g. the medical device tax driving away entrepreneurs as is in general the threat of government regulation. Yes, there are entrepreneurs in healthcare since there is a lot of money, but there would be far more if they weren’t scared off by the unpredictable potential for future regulation putting them out of business or at least forcing major product changes.

    Links and far more on why healthcare costs rise, and Obamacare will likely make things worse, here:

    which talks about the myriad favors to special interest groups involved. We often “preach to the choir” regarding free market approaches to healthcare, we need to instead focus on what liberals fear: corporate influence over government, and explain how it is responsible for most of the healthcare mess (including much of Obamacare).

  2. Vangel says:

    Just imagine what a great job a depression will do? Healthcare costs will drop like a stone. Yeaaaay!!!

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