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Sen. Johnson (R-WI) launches ‘Victims of Government’ project to expose excessive regulations

Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) has launched a new website to bring public awareness to the many innocent Americans who are “Victims of Government” overreach, regulation, and intrusion. Victims of government will be featured in a series of videos that will help personalize and “put a human face” on the costs and impacts of unnecessary, ineffective, and excessive government regulations.

In the first video above (“Victims of Government: Steve’s Story”), the saga and struggles of Stephen Lathrop are featured — he has spent 23 years mired in bureaucratic red tape, been shuttled between agencies, and been the victim of government miscommunication and inefficiency. Senator Johnson has intervened on behalf of Steve Lathrop and sent this letter to the US Army Corps of Engineers.  Senator Johnson is asking for victims of government regulation and overreach to share their stories here, and some of those stories will be featured in future videos.

Sen. Johnson appeared tonight on “The Kudlow Report” to discuss his new project.

6 thoughts on “Sen. Johnson (R-WI) launches ‘Victims of Government’ project to expose excessive regulations

  1. So, the point Senator Johnson’s video is that the Army Corps of Engineers are incompetent jerks: nothing new there (as anyone who has read the book ‘Cadillac Desert’ about water projects and the American West will agree). It’s quite a reach (and a logic leap) to equate this one example with “government overreach and intrusion” in a general sense. And note that the E.P.A. declined to prosecute Mr. Lathrop despite the referral from the COE.

  2. Corporate intrusion seems far more insidious:

    “Through more than 40,000 patents on DNA molecules, companies have essentially claimed the entire human genome for profit, report two researchers who analyzed the patents on human DNA. Their study, published March 25 in the journal Genome Medicine, raises an alarm about the loss of individual “genomic liberty.”

    You no longer own your body….?

    • Moe, good news, your loss of “genomic liberty” resumes when the genome sequencing patents expire. :-)

      Myriad Genetics, an owner or many of these patents, will experience patent expirations starting in 2014.

      Myriad is being challenged in court for many of these patents and so:

      “We also rely upon unpatented proprietary technology, and in the future may determine in some cases that our interests would be better served by reliance on trade secrets or confidentiality agreements rather than patents or licenses.”

      Thus, never having to publicly reveal, via patents, their findings.

    • Moe: “You no longer own your body….?

      Don’t worry, Moe, you may continue to perform cell replication just as you have always done.

      In addition you may lawfully produce offspring that acquire some of your genetic material.

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