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Love it or hate it, the Common Core is here to stay (for now)

Educators, policymakers, reformers, and pundits have all weighed in on the Common Core State Standards Initiative (CCSS)— the state-led effort to implement rigorous, national K-12 standards for math and reading. On both sides of the aisle, you’ll find Common Core friends and foes. To date, education stakeholders have largely focused on CCSS pros and cons: Are these standards really more rigorous?  Is this effort an example of federal overreach or are states more empowered? Will teachers have the necessary training and tools so that they can align their instruction to the new standards?

While all of these questions remain unanswered, CCSS is still racing forward. Forty-five states and the District of Columbia have adopted CCSS and are well into their implementation. As such, AEI Education is investigating a different question: Will CCSS complement or clash with other items on the school improvement agenda?

On March 25th, AEI Education will host an all-day conference to discuss how CCSS will coexist with other efforts to improve schooling. Will CCSS work with or against new teacher evaluation efforts? Will it aid or inhibit the increased use of technology to drive instruction? Will it limit charter schooling autonomy? Will it deflate the focus on science and social studies standards? Ultimately, the success of the Common Core will be determined by the degree to which it complements, and does not conflict with, these current efforts to improve schooling

Joining us will be a slate of experts to present new research and discuss the implications.  Among the distinguished group will be Mitchell Chester, Massachusetts commissioner of elementary and secondary education and president of the Council of Chief State School Officers; Lily Esklesen, vice president of the Nation Education Association; Linda Darling-Hammond, a professor at Stanford Graduate School of Education; and Chester E. Finn, president of the Thomas B. Fordham Institute.   For a full list of participants, please visit here.

To RSVP for Common Core Meets the Reform Agenda, or to watch live streaming, on March 25th, click here. To join the conversation on Twitter, follow @AEIEducation #CCmeetsRA.

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