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Chinese billionaire Zhang Xin shocks ’60 Minutes’: the people in China crave democracy and it’s inevitable

Did she really just say that? It happens rarely. But every once in a while, during a 60 Minutes interview, someone will drop a bomb into the conversation and say something that shocks even our veteran correspondents. That happened to Lesley Stahl in the interview above with Chinese billionaire Zhang Xin.

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14 thoughts on “Chinese billionaire Zhang Xin shocks ’60 Minutes’: the people in China crave democracy and it’s inevitable

  1. There were many people in the old Soviet Union who knew that the demise of Communism was inevitable as well. Party leaders simply want to put it off as long as possible.

  2. “Democracy”? The desire for freedom, ie. pursuing one’s own independent interests, from a totalitarian regime doesn’t equate to democracy.

    • chuck martel: ““Democracy”? The desire for freedom, ie. pursuing one’s own independent interests, from a totalitarian regime doesn’t equate to democracy.

      You’re absolutely right. I’s a leftist view that totalitarianism and democracy are polar opposites. Zhang Xin can’t really be blamed for confusion about that, as so many people who should know better hold the same view.

  3. The Communist elites need to keep the masses employed, by exporting goods too cheaply, lending foreign currency too cheaply, building empty cities, etc., or they’ll have to flee to Hawaii, California, Switzerland, etc..

    And without a “creative-destruction” process, which China needed over a decade ago, massive inefficiencies will continue.

  4. I met three Chinese professors from the University of Beijing. One taught English, the other two taught Marxism. I asked, “So, no one teaching Capitalism then?” The English professor became very serious and impassioned and said, “This is what we wish to learn from America!” He followed it up with, “Workers of the World, Unite!” with his head thrown back and fist in the air.

    Conclusion: They may be just as confused about Capitalism as they and the author of this article are about democracy.

  5. Democracy is a dinosaur waiting to go extinct. Very soon America will be the only democratic police state on the planet. China looks around, sees whats not working and does something different, so I can’t see democracy in their future. They have a demonic one child policy, so they are way ahead of the curve. The rest of us are going to populate ourselves of the planet in a very short time, and democracy can’t stop that. But when you don’t have a democracy you can.

  6. Did she just say that? Yes. Absolutely.

    Do the absolute majority of Chinese people say that? No. Absolutely not.

    This is the difference. You cherry-pick someone who speaks the language you want to listen. And there also is a significant difference in determining the true meaning of democracy between the so-called Westernized Chinese, of which Ms. Zhang Xin is one, and the homeland-dedicated Chinese, of which I am one. And I don’t believe what Ms. Zhang said represents what the majority Chinses people want.

    Ms. Zhang believes in Western democracy. This is her personal belief, but not mine. And not that of the people I know. We as a society have been lived on the principle of collectivitism for thousands of years and will continue to do so. Anything that is based on inflated individualism, or over-streched individual freedom is contradictory to the core value of our society. If democracy means the Majority Rules / Governs / Dominates / Controls the Minority, Ms. Zhang should simply follow the herd because she is a minority. She can appreciate Western values as much as she wants, but she must act in accordance to the Chinses law. This is a respect to law and order, to the basic principle of Western democracy.

      • Hey, Don’t insult people with “how much were you paid to make that statement?”, that is wrong. What ffffffast was saying is his personal opinion, he needs not to be paid to say that. In fact, I quite agreed with him because we are Chinese, and we believe we understand China better.
        China is no longer a communist country, you fool! They have turned themselves into a market economy since 30 years ago, may be you missed that point. It is still run by the Communist Party, but that party has transformed itself internally, no longer like the leftist policies of Mao’s time. Of course you cannot expect them to turn China into a Western style democracy, no way, that will turn the country upside down. They need to reform politically from time to time, but should not be in a haste. It is rather difficult for outsiders to understand China totally. You cannot use your American standards to judge things in other countries, please. There should be more dialogue and exchanges of views between U.S. and China to avoid misunderstanding because both are big countries but with vast differences in culture, languages and political and economic systems. Try to learn more about China before you can say that “ordinary Chinese don’t want to live under Communist toil”. You seem to ignore what the country had achieved over the past 30 years.

        • The Chinese political system has taken China from a backward developing country to the next superpower in 20 years and there political system is not democracy. Why would they want to change to a system of democracy that is turning more socialist every year.

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