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What the Earth-2 Obama said in his State of the Union speech


In some alternate reality, President Obama’s State of the Union speech argued for cutting the corporate tax rate to the 25% OECD average, phasing out capital gains taxes on long-term investments, immediate action to attract more high-skilled and entrepreneur immigrants, and embracing the bipartisan Wyden-Ryan Medicare reform plan.

This isn’t crazy. There are plenty of examples of liberal politicians and parties (see above chart from Strategas Research) both here and abroad that pulled a Nixon to China to cut spending and institute structural tax and spending reforms.

But the Earth-1 Obama seems more comfortable with being McGovern to China or Nixon to Orange County.

5 thoughts on “What the Earth-2 Obama said in his State of the Union speech

  1. “Earth 2″ is likely a reference to the alternate universe of DC Comics, where several universes with different timelines coexist (e.g., Crisis on Infinite Earths).

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