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The picture of government inefficiency


“No trespassing” signs, portable toilets, fencing, trailers, and construction equipment surround the White House more than five weeks after President Obama’s second inauguration, as construction workers continue to remove the president’s inaugural parade reviewing stand from the Pennsylvania Avenue side of the executive residence.

Bartow 3

Don’t blame the federal government for the slow work though — the D.C. government manages inaugural festivities and is reimbursed by the US government for the expenses.

The accompanying photos were taken earlier this morning, with the exception of the last one, which is from contractor ABI’s website.

Bartow 1


2 thoughts on “The picture of government inefficiency

  1. Is the work done by actual government employees or is it contracted out? If it’s contracted out, do we know what type of contract was awarded (i.e. Firm-fixed-price, Cost reimbursable, etc)? Thanks for any info you can provide.

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