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The Fair Academic Standards Act to ensure a minimum grade

In response to the proposed Fair Academic Standards Act that would impose government-mandated letter grades in schools nationwide, Don Boudreaux provided quotes from Sen. Franken (supports) and Sen. Rand (opposes).  But Don somehow overlooked this (slightly revised) statement that Rep. Maxine Waters (D, Calif.) made from the House floor:

I am pleased that the Democratic leadership has taken a straightforward, no-holds-barred approach to expediting consideration of this legislation. And frankly, I am ashamed that it has taken so long to increase the minimum grade by so little.

The Fair Academic Standards Act is a clear indication of the philosophical difference between Democrats and Republicans. My party, the Democratic Party, has tried to raise the minimum grade for nearly 10 years because we believe in academic fairness.  Mr. Speaker, C- is totally unacceptable. No student can be academically successful with letter grades below C-. American students deserve better, and students and their parents expect their representatives to assist them in their quest for decent grade point averages (GPAs).

This legislation tells us a lot about the difference between those who will stand up for the least academically qualified and those who continue to bring unconscionable arguments to deny low-achieving students a mere minimum grade of C-.

Many States could not wait for Congress to act, and they have undertaken to increase their minimum grades already. In my own State of California, the minimum grade effective January 1 of this year has increased to B+, and we plan further increases in the future.

Mr. Speaker, millions of students will benefit from raising the minimum grade. The grade gap between the academically challenged students and their more academically talented peers is growing, and that’s fundamentally unfair. Too many students are earning low grades through no fault of their own, which causes them to suffer unnecessary hardships. When we pass this bill and outlaw letter grades below C- forever, we will all feel better about ourselves.

Note: Because some people thought this was real: This is satire.

44 thoughts on “The Fair Academic Standards Act to ensure a minimum grade

  1. Almost everyone is capable of achieving a minimum passing grade, unless you’re too disabled.

    Equity is a poor goal. The below average mimicking the above average, for example, is a much better goal.

    • peak-

      you do realize that they just took the word “wage” and replaced it with “grade” right?

      isn’t it interesting how you answer flips when it’s pretty much the same thing?

      you have to earn a grade. you have to earn income.

      yet these same people who are perfectly capable of earning grades cannot earn a wage and need protection.

      how do you explain the discrepancy?

      • you do realize that they just took the word “wage” and replaced it with “grade” right?

        Rhetorical question?

        how do you explain the discrepancy?

        Calling forth the babbling non-sequitur

      • And Peak says:

        Well, Hmmm…Harrump.

        As I’ve stated before: When everyone has to pay receive at least a standard minimum wage grade, it levels the playing field.

        Simple textbook models are easy to understand. In the real world, where there are hundreds of major economic educational forces, a rise in wages grades can result in a positive net effect, e.g. reducing labor learning costs, increasing demand, boosting productivity educational attainment, etc.

  2. JFK -1962

    “There is always inequity in life,” he mused. “Some men are killed in a war and some men are wounded, and some men never leave the country, and some men are stationed in the Antarctic and some are stationed in San Francisco. It’s very hard in military or in personal life to assure complete equality. Life is unfair.”

  3. The U of Michigan is at the median average for grade inflation, meaning it has inflated its GPA by about 0.6 over the last 40 years. You, meaning your profession, is already doing what you accuse others of wanting to do. Looks like only U Minnesota is worse among Big Ten schools.

    • Of course as market grade rates rise due to that steady march of grade inflation, they will eventually rise above the minimum grade, making it superfluous.

      In addition, I expect nominal grades as high as A+++ to become common within my lifetime.

  4. We also need a Minimum Run Standard in baseball. It is simply unconscionable to deny low-achieving teams like the Mariners a minimum quota of say, 2 runs per game.

    • And, to discourage the Mariners from using Felix Hernandez against other low hitting teams, so that opponents are more likely to raise their Minimum Runs.

  5. I followed the link. The writing is sophomoric, of the class of ‘Those (……), they’re so stupid!’ Attribute to your opponent words they haven’t used, and then criticize them for being so foolish. Excuse me for expecting better from grown men.

  6. Boys – Whisky Tango Foxtrot
    A Canadian chiming in here because I am genuinely perplexed – or is April Fools early this year? Please tell me I am imagining what I am reading.
    The U.S Federal Government is going to MANDATE grade distributions at schools? How is this even possible?
    1) Are not Schools (Elementary + High Schools) not a State responsibility? How can the Feds interfere?
    2) Explain to me how this will be calculated
    3) How is it be enforced?

    My apology if I didn’t get the joke.

    • @ eddy canuck: this is a spoof on the recent minimum wage debate.
      Don Boudreaux is trying to make the point that nobody would ever be silly enough to enact a minimum grades acts, yet Leftists always push for minimum wage acts although they are equally foolish. He has taken statements by politicians RE: minimum wage and edited them to reflect the minimum grade-spoof.
      If you realize how foolish the arguments in favor of a minimum grade are, then you instantly realize how foolish the arguments in favor of a minimum wage are… and you are instantly better off than almost all Democrats and a few Republicans too :-)

      • Thx I feel dumb – but sadly under this economically-challenged administration an “Fair Academic Standards Act” would be completely in character.

        I am quite sure that the Keystone Pipeline will NOT be passed without some “indulgence” being paid to the Environmental Radicals. Hopefully it won’t cost more than the entire benefit of the project.

    • eddy.canuck

      1) Are not Schools (Elementary + High Schools) not a State responsibility? How can the Feds interfere?

      An excellent question. The correct answer is: Yes, schools are a state responsibility, and the feds have no Constitutional authority to interfere at all. Nonetheless, the Feds are currently interfering at a cost to taxpayers of $68 billion per year.

      That’s just the cost of the interference, and doesn’t include the costs it imposes on states and local school districts.

    • Some of these responses give me greater clarity as to how we found ourselves in this mess.

      Yes, but in all fairness, a FASA act is hardly more Orwellian than much of the tripe that’s proposed on a regular basis these days.

        • Wow. And you get to pay for all the administrative costs associated with grinding that hopeless turd through the machinery of the state legislature.

          • And you get to pay for all the administrative costs associated with grinding that hopeless turd through the machinery of the state legislature“…

            Exactly ron h

            What’s worse is you know these clowns will try it over and over again but the costs will never come out of their pockets…

  7. Here’s a novel idea. If you want to feel better about yourself then try studying.

    This has to be a joke because nobody could be this stupid to try and get a law like this passed.

  8. The link provided refers to Senators Paul Rand and Bernie Franken. The only point this article truly makes is that a lot of people are unlikely to let facts get in the way of their outrage.
    There is no such bill as this. None.

  9. Maxine Waters shouldn’t be used for satire because it’s impossible to put words in her mouth that are sufficiently outlandish to signal that they aren’t really hers.

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