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Statement from the White House Council on Men and Boys

The White House Council on Men and Boys just released this statement titled “Working Toward Sectors that Reflect America in Biology, Health Professions, Psychology, Education, Public Administration, Optometry, Pharmacy and Veterinary Science.”

President Obama has always believed that STEM fields like biology, nursing, pharmacy and optometry, and other key sectors like education, psychology and public administration are essential parts of  growing our economy, creating jobs and remaining globally competitive.

It’s not enough to simply innovate and stay competitive– we must do so in a way that’s as inclusive, diverse, and dynamic as the makeup of our country.

We are especially excited about how we can attract talented individuals from groups that are historically underrepresented in STEM fields like biology, and other fields like education, health professions, public administration, veterinary science and psychology – including men.

Even though men fill more than half of all jobs in the U.S. economy, they earn only 41% of the college degrees in the STEM field of biology, 36% of the doctoral degrees in optometry, 38% of the advanced degrees in pharmacy, and 23% of the doctoral degrees in veterinary science. This gender gap is even greater when it comes to college degrees in education (only 20% male), health professions (15% male), psychology (23%), public administration (18.3% male).  Overall, men are receiving less than 43% of the bachelor’s degrees awarded, so there is a significant college degree gap by gender, and it keeps getting worse over time.  President Obama is committed to closing that disturbing gender gap, because a college degree is often the pathway to a successful career.

This tells us that we must do more to encourage men and boys to pursue careers in these fields, where they are significantly underrepresented.  Our goal is to have those sectors become more inclusive and diverse so that they more accurately reflect America, instead of being so imbalanced. Let’s work together to close the significant gender gaps in college degrees and the significant imbalances in key fields like biology, nursing and education. The future of our economy is at stake.

MP: OK, just kidding. There is no White House Council on Men and Boys, and that statement above is fictitious. But there is a White House Council on Women and Girls, and they did just release a statement from Valerie Jarrett titled “Working Toward a Tech Sector that Reflects America,” which provided the basis for the revised version above.

14 thoughts on “Statement from the White House Council on Men and Boys

  1. Yeah because this country isn’t actually a reflection of itself………
    And this whole gender imbalance of bachelors degrees?? BIG WHOOP. Women don’t always have the opportunity to take advantage of the well paying physical labor jobs It only makes sense that they would become specialized with a degree.

    Whats next, fighting for 1:1 ratios of male/female auto mechanics?

  2. Men don’t look to papa gov’ment for help, they make their own opportunities. Judging from how much many women seem inclined to look for someone else for help, I’d say some stereotypes are holding true, despite the efforts of the past 50 years of brainwashing.

  3. Makes me wonder how many women truly buy into this – as a % of the total female population or is this merely yet another politican trying to make a name for him/herself.

  4. For a while I thought that there was some common sense coming out of Washington, until I got to the part that said “just kidding”. Its said that 50% of the population is ignored. denigrated and made to feel guilty because of they only have one “X” chromosome.

  5. It is time to wonder where the brainwashing comes from, because it has taken over the conventional wisdom in America. The hypocrisy and bias is everywhere, and it is very destructive.

  6. Obama pays doctors so little (Medicare, Medicaid) that many of the best and brightest men, who have to choose which career path to take, avoid Medicine. So many more women…who often do 36-40 hour work weeks…enter medical school (often 50% or more of entering classes. Further, both men and women are turned off by the constant threat of lawyers using them as prey for a malpractice suit, a problem which Obama knows about, yet has intentionally fails to address.

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