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College degrees by sex and race for the class of 2011

Interesting education facts of the day on the college degree gap by sex and race. 

According to the most recent data from the Department of Education, here are the breakdowns for bachelor’s degrees awarded in 2011 by sex and race:

1. Percent female total: 57.2%, or 134 degrees for women for every 100 degrees for men.

2. For white students: percent female 56.0%, or 127 degrees for white women for every 100 degrees for white men.

3. For black students: percent female 65.8%, or 193 degrees for black women for every 100 degrees for black men.

4. For Hispanic students: percent female 60.6%, or 154 degrees for Hispanic women for every 100 degrees for Hispanic men.

5. For Asian students: percent female 54.3%, or 119 degees for Asian women for every 100 degrees for Asian men.

6. For American Indian students: percent female 59.8%, or 149 Amercian Indian women for every 100 degrees for American Indian men.

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