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Best of the foreign policy blogs 2/2-2/8

Image Credit: Shutterstock

Image Credit: Shutterstock

Here is the best of what AEI’s foreign and defense policy scholars are reading this week:

Michael J. Totten at the Wall Street Journal writes, The Superpower Takes a Breather

Helle Dale at the Heritage Foundation’s Foundry blog discusses Benghazi: A Tale of Two Senate Hearings

Fiona Hill and Clifford Gaddy at the New York Times on Dealing With the Real Putin

Peter Wehner at Commentary Magazine discusses Drone Strikes, Waterboarding, and Moral Preening

Arsen Ostrovsky at the Commentator writes, Surely Now the EU will Finally Proscribe Hezbollah

David Axe at Reuters writes, Brennan: A Man and His Drones

Atmoz Asa-El at the Jerusalem Post discusses Egyptian-Iranian rapprochement in A Persian in Cairo

Gordon G. Chang at World Affairs asks, How Should the US Respond to China’s Cyber Attacks?

Eric Reguly at the Globe and Mail writes, In Tunisia, an Assassination Changes Everything

And finally, here is the bizarre video release by North Korea this week featuring a missile attack on a US city to the tune of “We are the World”:

One thought on “Best of the foreign policy blogs 2/2-2/8

  1. It isn’t easy running a tyrannical dictatorship these days. That’s why North Korea wants distracts its people from the real problems occurring within their own country. A way to achieve such result is to mobilize public opinion against an enemy, but you need to create an enemy when you don’t have any. It may explain the aggressiveness of North Korea and it makes their nuclear program a dangerous threat.

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