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  1. Citizen B. says:

    One of the strongest indexes of 2012 was the TSE. Amazingly foreigners own only 4% of the listed shares.

    The exchange listed shares have surged in value due to sharp currency devaluation and lack of alternatives for investors due to economic sanctions.

    The TSE is the Tehran Stock Exchange.

  2. Citizen B. says:

    Not so coincidentally, the 3913 stocks that make up the Vanguard Total World Stock ETF have now fully recovered their share value.

  3. Now can we see that graph in REAL dollars, please? I don’t think it would paint such a rosy picture.

  4. Vic Volpe says:

    $55 Trillion — as valued by stocks. If those stocks represent what we produce, then fine. If it is just asset inflation — not going to do us much good. And if it is what we produce, I wonder how those benefits get distributed?

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