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The White House’s parallel universe

Image Credit: The U.S. Army (Flickr) (CC BY 2.0)

Image Credit: The U.S. Army (Flickr) (CC BY 2.0)

What relieves me about 2013 is how well things are going around the world. If ever there was a time for the US to reap a peace dividend, it is now. If ever there was a time to turn from the world and “nation build here at home,” it is 2013. What strikes me repeatedly is how better policies in the last five years have delivered the goods when it comes to key international priorities like global warming, nuclear proliferation, peace in the Middle East, a job completed in Afghanistan, the rise of al Qaeda, the rights of women, and much more. I look at Iran’s willingness to give up its nuclear program, China’s refocus away from military build-up, the peace that we see in Pakistan, the eradication of al Qaeda from Yemen to Iraq to Africa, and the fact that post Arab Spring, we can turn from Egypt and Libya and Tunisia because, it’s all good. What’s a little rape, a little Christian killing? A hostage here or there. And where the hell is Mali anyway? Syria, well, troubling, yes, but how troubling really? Wake up in the night? Nah.

These are good times for America: Robust employment, peace abroad, low taxes, cheap gas, solid alliances. Good times. Good times.

7 thoughts on “The White House’s parallel universe

  1. Delete and censor all you want. Common sense WILL return to the Conservative movement in this country, no matter how hard you lunatics try to keep your grip on it.

  2. I would say that it’s Ms. Pletka who lives in a parallel universe. In her universe, every problem has an easy solution, if the President would only jut his manly jaw and threaten to unleash economic and/or military devastation on anyone who doesn’t jump when we say boo.

    In the real world I inhabit, the failure to bring sanity to the crazies in the Middle East has been bipartisan. Perhaps Ms. Pletka would care to tell us what magic set of policies has been missed by Republican and Democratic administrations alike, and will instantly produce a nuke-free Iran, the pacification of Al Qaeda, universal acceptance of women’s equality in all Muslim countries, and a kosher-halal backyard barbeque party and sing-a-long attended by both Israel and Hamas.

    No doubt Ms. Pletka also knows how to deliver free beer and perpetual motion.

  3. The natives are restless:

    From Pew:

    “One area where there is overwhelming partisan agreement is on whether the president should focus on domestic or foreign policy right now. Overall, 83% say the president should focus his energies on domestic issues; just 6% say foreign policy should be the president’s focus right now. These numbers are largely unchanged from a year ago. Nearly nine-in-ten (88%) Democrats and about eight-in-ten Republicans (81%) and independents (83%) say that domestic policy is most important at this time.”

  4. Either Ms. Pletka is being overly sarcastic (my hope), or she really just does indeed live inside the Beltway Bubble. Especially that “robust employment” line. DC is about the only place where employment is better than it was four years ago.

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