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The Republican brand, Obama’s compassion, and immigration attitudes: What you may have missed in this week’s polls

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Brand Damage: Virtually every poll shows that the GOP’s image is badly tarnished.  A new report from the Pew Research Center explains that the recent drop (from 42% nationally with a favorable opinion of the party after the GOP convention to 33% in the January 9-13 Pew poll) comes mostly from Republicans themselves. “Favorable opinions of the GOP among Republicans have fallen 20 points since September (from 89% to 69%) and are now as low as at any point during the past 20 years.”

Extremism?: Is it ideology that has damaged the GOP brand?  The January Pew poll finds that 23% of Americans call the Republican Party “very conservative” and another 32% “conservative.”  The responses about the Democratic Party’s liberalism were very similar.  Twenty-two percent nationally said the party was “very liberal” and another 31% “liberal.”

Obama’s Compassion: In February 2009, 77% of those surveyed by Pew said Barack Obama cared about people like them, while 13% said he did not. In Pew’s new January 2013 poll, a still robust 59% say he cares about them, but 37% say he does not. In July 2005, seven months into his second term, 55% said George W. Bush cared about them, while 41% said he did not.

The results from a new ABC News/Washington Post poll are similar to Pew’s. In 2009, 72% said that Obama understood the problems of people like them. In their January 2013 poll, 55% gave that response.

Immigration Attitudes: A new Fox News poll of registered voters finds more evidence that immigration attitudes are softening.  Seventeen percent want to send all illegal immigrants back to their home country, 13% have a guest worker program that allows them to work but only for a limited amount of time, and 66% allow them to remain and eventually qualify for citizenship but only if they meet certain requirements like paying back taxes, learning English, and passing background check.  Fourteen percent of Democrats, 15% of independents, and 22% of Republicans wanted to send them all back.

Health Care Update: A third in a new CBS News/New York Times poll said they would like to see Congress repeal the entire health care law, while 24% want Congress to expand it. Eighteen percent want to keep the entire law in place, and 19% repeal the mandate but keep the rest of the law intact. Sixty-two percent of Republicans want to repeal the whole thing. A third of independents and 11% of Democrats agreed.

Two and you’re done: In the Fox poll, only 17% favor changing the U.S. constitution to allow a president to be elected for more than two terms. Eighty-one percent were opposed. When people were asked if they favor changing the Constitution to allow Barack Obama to run for a third term in office, the responses didn’t move much. Nineteen percent were in favor and 78% opposed.

Global warming: In his inaugural address, President Obama mentioned climate change prominently.  But it isn’t a high priority for most people.  When Pew asked how much attention President Obama and Congress should give to 21 different issues, global warming ranked dead last:  28% said it should be a top priority.  Thirteen percent of Republicans, 31% of independents, and 35% of Democrats said it should be a top priority.

4 thoughts on “The Republican brand, Obama’s compassion, and immigration attitudes: What you may have missed in this week’s polls

  1. Virtually every poll shows that the GOP’s image is badly tarnished.

    As it should be. The GOP chose an unprincipled fool like Romney as its candidate after choosing another fool before him. The party is not serious about sound money, individual liberty, or fiscal discipline and limits its handouts to powerful companies that cannot muster many votes. While the Democrats are just as unprincipled and corrupt at least they spread the goodies around and use them to buy votes just as the system was designed to eight decades ago.

  2. About McCain, if by a fool you mean he moved to the right on some key issues in order to win the nomination, and then proved even more foolish by choosing Palin as his VP running mate, I agree. On every other issue, McCain has proven to be a great American and a pretty damned good US Senator.

    About Romney, if by a fool you mean he moved to the right on some key issues in order to win the nomination, and then proved even more foolish by running a poor campaign, including some terrible open-mouth-insert-foot mistakes which he didn’t defend properly, I agree. On most other issues, Romney proved to be a good choice for president and almost won.

    Obama captured 50% of the electorate in a poorer showing than he had four years earlier. Romney was wiped out by terrible showings among women (women’s rights and abortion), non-Cuban Hispanics (immigration), and young voters (gay rights).


    Of course President Obama is going to Nevada to debate Illegal Immigration, as the state is snowed under with illegal aliens. Thousands of them voted in the general election for President, as well as many of the 50 States in the clutches of Liberal assemblies. I just hope the Congress knows they are committing self inflicted Hari-Kari, if they presumed to know what the taxpayers want..? Only the ‘Deadbeats” don’t care as they are not paying a nickel into the federal and state tax pool, as they live like parasites of the people who have jobs, same as the illegal alien parents who have smuggled their offspring here and then apply for welfare for all their 6 kids, free schooling, health care and a lump sum of benefit money. Adds up to a nice tidy sum, which goes towards the underground job their relatives have marshaled them into? For me an Independent voter, that only the TEA PARTY makes sense and can return America to country it once was? Also don’t trust the mainstream press polls, as I am sure that they are fixed or at least engineered for positive results. The only one that can be trusted forthwith is the Rasmussen polls, as far as I am concerned. My personal poll is the thousands of comments in the newspapers—rural and national press—that gives a good indicator of what people are thinking; they are angry and frustrated with Washington issues, especially Immigration. If politicians want to comprehend the thought process of the average American; people believe that the Congress is pandering to the invaders from other countries.

    The only way that I see to clean up the pandemonium called Immigration enforcement, is a strict and 100 percent mandatory E-Verify? A mandatory E-Verify, perhaps even run by a security company or a charge card company as Visa or Master card and not lax government employees? Spend the money and make it as foolproof as possible and use whatever resources are available. If the U.S. government can make vehicular unmanned probes that can detect a license plate from thousands of feet above us, they can surely build computer software that can detect illegal aliens in jobs meant for Americans and legal residents? E-Verify has expanded its information sources to include State driver’s license records, which strengthens the veracity of the program. Florida and Tennessee initiated this innovation allowing USCIS to collect data using their vehicle agencies for worker discrepancies. It is pastime that the Congress enact Lamar Smith’s “THE LEGAL WORKFORCE BILL” R-Texas) bill to (Phone: 202-225-4236), as proposed will make E-Verify a mandatory law and will no longer be voluntary. America has come to this paramount point, because of years of corruption by both parties.

    An estimated 23 million Americans are still jobless, in part time work or just gave up looking, while millions of illegal aliens still have jobs. This is very sinister situation and those responsible should be held accountable, but never are? With President Obama’s ultimatum of another path to citizenship, we could be seeing a repeat of the rampant fraud that existed in the 1986 Amnesty. Like a giant magnet millions of more foreign nationals outside the United States are going to try and break into our sovereign nation. Illegal aliens will funnel somewhere along the border regions or by lying to the Embassy staff in foreign countries to obtain a visa as a tourist. Before any new Comprehensive Immigration Reform we must secure our borders, constructing the two fences to the former plan of President Bush, the 2006 Secure Fence Act.

    Lastly, the second bill that must be passed is Steve Kings (R-Iowa) THE BIRTHRIGHT CITIZENSHIP AMENDMENT (H.R. 140). Contact his main Washington office at (Phone: 202.225.4426) or his subsidiary offices in Iowa. The Birthright Citizenship bill will bring to an end the “Anchor Baby” legal-corruption, meant for the past generation of slaves. By passing this law, we can stop any more DREAMERS’ ACT or sponsorship of family members who arrive here under CHAIN MIGRATION. There is no real statistics on the cost, but smuggling young children or unborn into the U.S. pays off for the illegal alien parents, in hundreds of billions of dollars a year—and over decades TRILLIONS OF TAX DOLLARS, including child tax refunds that should never paid in the first place. The IRS has turned a blind eye to this robbery of more taxpayer’s money. These two laws should be strongly endorsed right now, to eradicate the corruption in high positions. The insistence from lobbyists that our politicians should not pass these laws, as it would cut into the incredible profits of corporations and businesses, large and small. That is why the 1986 Amnesty became a terrible mess, because millions of foreigners poured into our country as soon as President Reagan signed the bill.

    Least we not forget that Obama’s people passed the Affordable Care Act, which has endless possibilities for illegal aliens. Supposedly foreign nationals cannot apply for ObamaCare, but I know as well as millions of TEA Party members and a large proportion of average Americans that a loophole will materialize or using procured Social Security numbers or feeder identification that in the endless bureaucratic chaos to follow, they will benefit from it, costing the legal population even more billions?

    Even with millions of Americans jobless the labor visa program still brings into this country over a million legal immigrants a year. A limited number come under the highly skilled category of STEM workers, who are top engineers and other heavily credentialed staff for different high level jobs. But the majority comes sponsored by years of immigration corruption going back decades. Immediate family members who are sponsored eventually become the U.S. taxpayer responsibility in the majority of cases.

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