Foreign and Defense Policy

Best of the foreign policy blogs 12/29-1/4

Here is the best of what AEI’s foreign and defense policy scholars are reading this week:

Tim Padgett at TIME asks What if Hugo Chavez Dies?

Rich Lowry at National Review Online on Gerard Depardieu, Tax Refugee

John McCain, Joseph I. Lieberman and Lindsey O. Graham in the Washington Post discuss Syria’s Descent into Hell

Samuel Charap in the New York Times explores Why Russia Won’t Help on Syria

Walter Russell Mead at the American Interest asks, As Assad Quakes on His Throne, Is Iran Ready to Deal?

Bill Gertz at the Washington Free Beacon examines the Ansar al-Sharia Threat

Fred Gedrich at the Washington Times writes, Syria on Track to Become Islamic State

Bruce Riedel at the Daily Beast considers Pakistan’s Impossible Year: Elections, Army Intrigue, and More

David J. Kramer and Arch Puddington discuss Russian Children: Pawns in Putin’s Power Play

Ravi Agrawal at CNN’s Global Public Square Blog asks, 2013: Asia’s Time?

Dan Murphy at the Christian Science Monitor writes, Obama’s Pivot to Asia? Middle East Will Still Demand Attention in 2013

Eli Lake at The Daily Beast on A New Twist in the Benghazi Saga

Natalia Antelava at The New Yorker on Tweeting with the Dictator’s Daughter

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