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  1. Hey—you create a bureaucracy to fight discrimination against women, it’s going to CONTINUE to fight discrimination against women no matter how much things might have improved. If we ever get to the point where women are actually favored in the workplace, and gain the upper hand in appointments to senior executive positions (not so far-fetched, given the current disparity already in college and especially graduate and professional school enrollments), this agency will still be faithfully discharging its mission: to complain. There are more entries for men than for women in the Dictionary of Historical Biography. They can complain until the number of entries are at least equal, which given the dominance of men historically, should give them something to complain about for a long time to come. There will probably still be a majority of males in the NFL in 100 years. They can complain about that. This is the problem when there are no sunset provisions for bureaucracies. Have you ever heard of a bureaucracy applying to be dissolved because it has accomplished its mission?

  2. Thomas Sullivan says:

    The Office of Civil Rights has accomplished its mission. It is now engaged in deception. Time to abolish it.

    • Methinks says:

      Yes. Thomas Sowell became disillusioned with the Civil Rights movement because it went too far. The Office of Civil Rights is, at this point, more accurately called the Office of Arbitrary Cosmic Justice.

  3. artur sharer says:

    The male IQ distribution curve is different than the female curve: at the very high and low ends there are twice as many males as females. (see http://www.iqcomparisonsite.com/sexdifferences.aspx)

    This mere psychometric fact explains more of social history and everyday reality than all college “social science” departments and governmental agencies put together ever could.

    But I sense the social engineers know this all too well: policy is purposefully geared toward augmenting social strife and antagonism between the sexes and racial groups. By being forced to negate what we all know to be true, from experience and common sense, cognitive dissonance swells within us to unsustainable levels — and we thus become lobotomized zombies, ready to be manipulated and herded toward whatever destiny has been decided for us.

  4. Eric Johnson says:

    Class rankings are heavily influenced by AP classes so a good stat to look at is how many girls are in top 10% of class vs boys. I suspect we would see a significantly larger number of girls vs boys in the Top 5%, 10% and 20%.

    Plus isn’t there a recent stat showing girls graduating in higher numbers consistently for many years?

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