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Sigh, John Kerry

Image Credit: REUTERS/Joshua Roberts

Image Credit: REUTERS/Joshua Roberts

It’s hard to like John Kerry. Ask the other 99 members of the US Senate. His staff. The American people. But it is a testament to Obama’s other dreadful nominations floated for national security jobs that Kerry suddenly looks…ok. Susan Rice for SecState, who lied to the American people about Benghazi for whatever reason — political expediency, stupidity. Chuck Hagel for SecDef, still out there floating like a lead balloon despite an execrable record on everything from Iraq to Syria to Hamas to Afghanistan to Iran. Another (former) member of the senate who left that institution with no friends in his own party, and few among his newfound political allies either.

I’ve written on many occasions about Kerry’s own ineffectual and wrongheaded record on national security, here and here for a start. Kerry was wrong on the surge in Iraq, embarrassingly wrong in his faith in the reforming credentials of Bashar al Assad, wrong in his bizarre support for managed aid to Pakistan (for which we should also blame outgoing Senator Dick Lugar and Rep. Howard Berman), and too often just… wrong. His chairmanship of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee has been an exercise in futility. But… he is not a loon. He is not a fool. That, apparently, is now the bar that must be leapt over for the Obama cabinet.

I don’t know about the rest of my compadres in the foreign policy community, but I for one will miss Hillary Clinton.

8 thoughts on “Sigh, John Kerry

  1. Why would you miss Hillary Clinton? For all the praise of her “accomplishments”, what has she done? Besides overseeing a foreign policy that has supported and surrendered the mideast to Islamic regimes.

    Her legacy will be the gross negligence of Benghazi, which she claimed to “take responsibillity for”, and then immediately went into hiding from.

    Kerry’s history on foreign relation is atrocious, as you say, but miss Hillary Clinton? Hardly. President Hillary in 2016? So the country can be managed like the consulate in Benghazi?

  2. You are the only person I have ever heard of who really doesn’t like John Kerry. Frankly, I like him, I liked him in 2004 for President and I like the idea that he is going to be our Secretary of State. And since we can not ask his staff or the other 99 senators you claim do not like him, I have to assume you didn’t either and YOU are actually the only person who seems to have a problem with Mr. Kerry.

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