6 thoughts on “Merry Christmas Baby: Charles Brown, Ray Charles, Dr. John

  1. As the resident musician here. I really appreciate this post.

    Almost every year I find myself saying that the best Christmas present I’ll get this year is an end to the Christmas music.

    It’s so good to get to here the blues played for christmas. especially by dr. john and ray charles.

    If you’re interested in this kind of stuff, check out the album “dr. john plays mac rebenack”

  2. Dr. John’s Goin’ Back to New Orleans album is a ton of music that puts me in a great mood. Sample: “How come my dog don’t bark when you come around?”

    • You know, I also loved Elton John’s album with Leon Russell: The Union. Also, I thoroughly enjoy Tom Wait’s Album Nighthawks at the Diner and Lookin’ for the Heart of Saturday Night.

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