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Congress as spoiled children, private sector jobs trump government jobs, and Hillary 2016: What you may have missed in the polls this week

Image Credit: Shutterstock

Image Credit: Shutterstock

Spoiled children or grownups?: A mid-November poll from CNN and the Opinion Research Corporation found that if President Obama and Congress do not reach an agreement on the fiscal cliff by the end of the year and the tax increases and spending cuts occur, 34% would blame Barack Obama more and 45% the Republicans in Congress.

In another question in the poll, 28% said elected officials in Washington would behave more like responsible adults in the discussions and 68% said more like spoiled children.

In the new Pew Research Center/Washington Post poll, more say congressional Republicans will be more to blame if no deal is reached (53%) than President Obama (27%). Views are virtually unchanged since their early November survey.

In the new Pew/Post poll, 49% say a deal will not be reached, and 40% say it will. In a new Gallup poll, 59% say it is likely a deal will be reached, but 39% disagree. In the poll, 52% approve of the way President Obama is handling the fiscal cliff negotiations. Thirty-nine percent give that response about Democratic leaders in Congress and 27% about Republicans there.

Private sector prevails:  When Gallup asked adults whether they would rather work for a business or for the government, the results tipped lopsidedly in the private sector’s direction (60% to 35%). All major subgroups in the survey preferred to work for a business except non-whites, who were evenly divided (46% business, 48% government).

Hilary 2016: In the latest ABC/Washington Post poll, 56% said they would support Hilary Clinton as a candidate for president in 2016. Thirty-seven percent were opposed. Gender differences were large. Clinton received 66% support among women and only 49% support from men.

New York City residents and the weather: A new Marist/NY1 poll finds that 64% of city residents say it is likely that future weather events could be as bad or worse as Hurricane Sandy. Seventy-three percent are confident NYC will be able to respond. Fifty-five percent said the city should force people to evacuate; 42% said it should be an individual’s decision to leave or stay.

Pass the pipe: Fifty-one percent of registered voters favor the legalization of marijuana in the latest Quinnipiac poll. Forty-four percent oppose it. Males favor legalization by a 20 point margin, while women are opposed by 8 points. Unsurprisingly, there were age differences as well. Young people were more supportive than older Americans.

Glimmers of federalism?: Economist/YouGov asked respondents if states should be permitted to set their own policies when it comes to same-sex marriage. A plurality of 47% agreed, while 34% thought the issue should only be handled by the federal government. Nineteen percent were unsure. Similar attitudes were seen with marijuana. Fifty-three percent thought the states should handle the issue, 36% the federal government, and 13% were unsure. On both questions, Republicans were more likely than Democrats or Independents to want states to handle the issue.

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