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Castro’s late entry a shock to Cuban campaign

Image Credit: Roberto Di Fede (Flickr) (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Image Credit: Roberto Di Fede (Flickr) (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Former Cuban head of state Fidel Castro has decided to run for a seat in the National Assembly of People’s Power again, heading the list of candidates for the Santiago de Cuba 7th District circumscription. His notable name recognition and ample experience in the executive branch make his reelection highly likely, and his late entry into the race has his opponents running scared. Other factors that may help his chances are the Cuban government’s ban on opposition parties, inclination to jail and murder political opponents, and the low number– zero, this cycle — of opposition candidates.

In any case, the smart money is on Mr. Castro pulling off yet another victory. Polling numbers and a furtive look at past results suggest that Mr. Castro will receive some 98 to 99% of the vote this time around, allowing him to continue expounding his plans for high income taxes and universal health care.

One thought on “Castro’s late entry a shock to Cuban campaign

  1. Fidel Castro is a controversial and divisive world figure, lauded as a champion of anti-imperialism, humanitarianism, socialism and environmentalism by his supporters, but viewed as a dictator who has overseen multiple human rights abuses by his critics. “”

    Catch ya later

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