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10 charts showing America’s stunning entitlements explosion

Image Credit: Robert Neff (Flickr) (CC BY 2.0)

Image Credit: Robert Neff (Flickr) (CC BY 2.0)

AEI scholar Nick Eberstadt’s latest book, A Nation of Takers, provides a sobering analysis of the entitlements explosion and its effect on the American economy and culture.

It’s a reminder that without significant, Reagan-style growth and/or massive spending cuts, our entitlement system threatens to sink the American economy.

1. Although Social Security already existed, the Great Society launched the ever-expanding modern American welfare state:

Note: Derived from data on official transfers and changes in consumer price index. Source: US Bureau of Economic Analysis

2. The rate of entitlement growth per capita has been nearly twice as fast as per capita income growth for the last fifty years

Note: Derived by author on the basis of data on official transfers, price changes, and population change. Sources: US Bureau of Economic Analysis, US Dept. of Labor, US Census International Data Base

3. In the 1960s, the federal government spent $2 on governing for each $1 it spent on entitlement transfers. Today that ratio has completely flipped:

4. It took only two generations for transfers to displace everything else the federal government does.

5. Here’s where the money goes:

6. In 1969, government benefits accounted for 7.8% of Americans’ personal income.

7. In 2009, government benefits accounted for nearly 18% of Americans’ income. And the regions which relied most on benefits in 1969 have become even more dependent.

8. Nearly 50% of the U.S. population lives in a household that receives some government benefits.

Source: Sara Murray. “Nearly Half of U.S. Lives in Household Receiving Government Benefit,” Wall Street Journal

9. 31% of US households are receiving means-tested public benefits.

Source: Unpublished U.S. Census Bureau data run commissioned by the Wall Street Journal, provided to the author by Sara Murray, January 16, 2012

11. As the Welfare State has expanded, Americans are working less.

For more detail–and plenty more charts!–on America’s entitlement crisis, read Nick Eberstadt’s A Nation of Takers: America’s Entitlement Epidemic.

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  1. Sorry, one other thing. I am impressed that AEI doesn’t censor LarryG’s comments since they are so powerful and convincing. At least AEI is playing fair in this regard so kudos to them, too!

    • I give AEI credit for that also but I expect AEI to stand by it’s principles of open marketplaces – not only economic but “ideas”.

      I actually subscribe to some of the underlying principles that AEI espouses but I think they are guilty of verbal foot faults (to use a tennis term) on occasion and some of their “scholars” are downright misleading on some of their narratives.

      but.. we all learn if we listen to others – even if we do not agree… at some point – some things may find agreement and on those we can move forward!

  2. I was impressed with the statistics shown in the chart. They seem to be straightforward and easily verifiable. I am unfamiliar with the person, James Pethokoukis, who has compiled this article but I am sure willing to research his validity as a blooger and as a political analyst. Will I be disappointed with what I might find? I grew up asking the daunting question: Why?

  3. Restrict welfare to the disabled and the elderly. If a man is too stupid to keep his pants zipped and a woman is stupid enough to spread her legs, feeding their offspring is THEIR problem, not mine.

      • Hello yourself – Yes – SERIOUSLY. I say, let us support your first child, starting immediately after your vasectomy and hysterectomy.

      • I’m sick of supporting people who have random sex and then can’t afford to raise the kid and it becomes society’s job. Sterilize more people! If you can’t afford kids then don’t have them.

    • Thank You! Too many people who have NO business having kids are flooding society with them. Then they become society’s responsibility. LIMIT who can have kids! Women have kid after kid, by different men, and then want the rest of us to pay for them!

  4. Oh pulease..! Statistic’s which haven’t been normalized are absolutely useless.. Of course you’re using unnormalized statistics to purposely deceive your readers….

    Yup back in the 40′s you could also buy a house for about 10K of course when your only making 25 dollars a week thats a lot of money.

    So obviously the over all expenditures for these services has increased since the 1940′s but they haven’t increased with respect to income and GDP. For one thing the population has almost tripled since the 1940′s. In the 1940′s the populations was barely 140 million today it’s well over 360 million so of course we are spending more.

    If you had any shred of integrity you would have normalized your statistics and adjusted for inflation, GDP and population.. Of course you didn’t do this because it wouldn’t have supported your political agenda as the facts blow your deceptive assertions clean out of the water. The fact is if you had adjusted for population, GDP and inflation your charts would be showing an overall decrease in per-capita costs….

    Seriously how big of fools do you think we are.. What you’re claiming is based on deceptive data much like claiming it was cheaper to mail a first class letter in the 1920.. Sure in dollars and cents it might have appeared to be cheaper but when adjusted for inflation a 1920 first class stamp cost $1.60 in 2013 dollars..

    • Am I missing something? Every graph is a percentage or normalized to 2010 dollars. Are we looking at the same charts? Are you really arguing that the percentage of people on entitlements is not growing? Really?

      • Entitelments;Elements that have already been paid for by the recipatants,ie;social security, state taxes,sales taxes,we need to stop the gov from borrowing from the the soc sec till and replace what they have already stolen so it will be viable for those to come.People are not takers for what has already been paid for,unless your a republican,and I guess you figure it’s already yours..Kudos

        • We’ve already been around this mulberry bush several times on this chain over the past 2 months now. There is no trust fund for SS or Medicare; there is no ‘surplus’ set aside to ‘steal’ from; these payroll taxes get spent the day after they hit the Treasury and go to support your parents or grandparents in their dotage…they do NOT go into any sort of managed account to build and grow into larger assets to be used later for younger generations.

          the ONLY way to insure that the fund YOU pay are used for YOUR retirement needs would be to PRIVATIZE SS like they have in Chile.

          • Until society starts to limit reproductive rights and controls who can have kids and how many they can have, we will continue to spin our wheels and have to care for unwanted and uncared for kids. They flood our schools, cause trouble, and then breed more unwanted kids of their own and the cycle continues. That is why city schools suck and suburban schools do better. It is who sits in the classroom. Unwanted and poorly raised kids cause trouble in schools and then in society, and taxpayers end up paying for them in one way or another. Stop breeding kids you can’t take care of!

    • The statistic that means the most to me is the one that says that 50% of United States households have some kind of government benefits. You can’t honestly believe that we have not become a nation of entitlements. Just look around you and you’ll see it. I think there should be a limit on certain entitlements at least. Make a mandatory 2-5 year limit on unemployment benefits for a person’s lifetime. If your limit is 2 years and you spend 4 months on unemployment you’re now down to 20 total months you can spend being unemployed throughout your life. I’ve heard of hundreds of people saying how they’re on unemployment because they can’t find a job that paid as good as the last one. Well no shit, you have to start somewhere. Work at McDonalds while you’re waiting for that super awesome job to come along. Stop expecting the government to bail you out all the time, stop being dependent on someone who can’t even balance a budget. The government has done absolutely nothing better than the private sector so why would you rely on them?

  5. something not added in the information presented, the fact that the only reason s.s. is supposedly becoming a ‘problem’, besides s.s.i. for higher income seniors who don’t need it – not s.s. itself, which is completely solvent if the gov’t. would keep its hands off – is the fact that congress found a way to get around the trust fund the money was being put in. and now that they have taken as much out as they can without outright illegally taking it all, their spending – both parties, not one or the other – has continued to rampage out of control and they are rapidly running out of ways to rob the rest of the country to keep their gambling – like addiction to needless spending.

  6. Some validity should be questioned on the definition of ‘entitlements,’ please. SS, Medicare are contributed. However, tax breaks for the very wealthy, the gas/oil industries, farm subsidies (to a point), philanthropic/ charitable contribs (that are tax breaks), flagrant use of medical deductions (horse therapy) etc., etc. – where are they on these charts. Bottom line: more nonsense from a very conservative, well paid, biased person of many words with narrow avenues.

  7. Surprisingly nobody looks at the cause for the need to subsidize the poor and question: who are the real takers. As the gap btwn billionairs and regular population grows BECAUSE the rich is taking AWAY from the American public in an unprecedent way, the way of life of an average family is becoming that of basic subsistence. And that is not adding the lack of health insurance…so let’s don’t get started that chapter. Sssso, who are the takers? The wealthiest 2.8%. Who are the entitled ones? The 2.8%- THEY feel entitled to whatever they have at the EXPENSE of the 98%. Very simple. Don’t get fooled by these graphs mombo jombo. Its propaganda geared towards missinformation and confusion of masses. Why? Just to get your vote. And they are preparing the ground for 2016 with this BS. Don’t fall for it! People keep your ground.

    • The number of people in the middle class has diminished because of more people moving up the economic ladder, not down and out of it.

      And the mere notion that Bill Gates is getting rich while ‘taking money from poor people’ is simply preposterous as it is laughable. His creative genius alone has provided jobs for perhaps 500,000 people, maybe 1 million, over the history of Microsoft alone in direct employment. His invention have provided Microsoft-related jobs for hundreds of millions of people both at the high-end of the income spectrum and the lower-ends over the incarnation of Microsoft.

      • Dear, you ain’t got no clue where you stand…and that’s just what they need. Didn’t mention Bill Gates but since is on the table, there would be way more benefits for his “employees” if he would have drawn just a standard salary even 100x higher than the average worker. And this is exactly it: the excessive and uncommesurate executives pays is great component of taking away from people. His employees produce WAY more then what they get and on top of that they don’t even get a say in what to do with the surplus they make. Its him and his entourage of board of directors that decide how they distribute the surplus….amongst themselves that is. Yes, a little to charity, a little to research, but primarily is looking out for their pockets. And you dear worker, think wow!!!!they gave people a job….yes they did, so that can enrich themselves and the dear worker is a glorified slave, thinking he’s achieved the American Dream by working for Microsoft. Perfect scheme, that’s the “wow” and btw, you want know who’s the leader in the scheme?: The Koch brothers that even went to the extent of creating through financing a phony grass root movement called the TEA party….which gratefully is on the verge of extinction

        • Bill Gates could take an annual salary of $100M per year out of Microsoft which, if divided amongst Microsoft employees amounts to about $1000/employee. He doesn’t take that salary out and much of the wealth amassed by wealthy executives is through stock options and capital gains appreciation of company stock, not direct taxable salary at far higher rates.

          Come to think of it, you made me realize just how much wealth someone like Bill Gates has allowed average workers at Microsoft to accumulate through their stock holdings in their 401 plans. Thanks for reminding us all of the power of entrepreneurship, hard work and creativity in the American free enterprise system!

          • That’s a $1000/employee that could offset part of healthcare bills of each and single one of them and the avge worker dear, does NOT have stock options. Proportionally each worker should much more in benefits just as the noard of directors get. And ironically, a regular worker doesn’t even have access to stock options that would allow him to benefit from stock appreciation. These packages only go to a few. And here is exactly the disconnect: unfortunately you don’t see it because its so close that passes unnoticed and for decades. And the average worker fyi, since you seem disconnected from reality,, not only at Microsoft but in any public company (and let’s not get to the private sector) doesn’t have enough money to buy stock, except the little the 401K offers. If you would see the surpluss created by these corporations, and if it could be divided equally amongst all the employees, just as it is divided in the boards of directors, and if EVERYONE could get access to stock options EQUALLY, our fellow employees would be much richer today without need for subsidies. But see, you only see and know this when you LIVE it and feel it on your own skin. This is not a mere opinion, which is so frequently used to sound pretty much like a justification for the 2% own condition.

          • what you don’t seem to understand, dear friend, albeit mostly deluded about the realities of economics, business and modern American life, is that corporations do not exist to make people happy or provide creature comforts to everyone who wants them.

            Businesses exist to sell products and services to meet market niches out there wherever they can be found and then make the product of services for as low of a cost as possible and sell it for the highest possible price the market with bear. That way, they will make a profit so they can continue to hire nice people such as yourself and provide a weekly income, health care coverage paid mostly by the ‘mean old corporation!’ as well as pension and other benefits.

            I bet Microsoft provides low-cost health food. How about that for ‘caring about the average person’?

            You have just got to stop reading the talking points put out by the White House and MSNBC’s stars like Rachel Maddow, Chris Matthews, and ‘Big Ed’ Schultz.

            because capitalism works and socialism doesn’t.

          • Thanks for a distorted lesson in economics, but frankly no need for it. You are exactly right. Corporations are there for their own interest when it ultimately SHOULD be to benefit all, maybe at a lesser profit. That’s the difference btwn you and me. Cooperatives might be a good solution as it has proven in multiple countries including one in Spain w/80,000 employees. EVERYONE has a say and enterprise is healthy and profitable. Actually maybe YOU should listen more to Rachel Maddow and tune to MSNBC to open your eyes. And as far as socialism? Pls get educated. I lived in one for decades and the only thing I agree with you, is that it doesn’t work. That this is what we propose? Please!!! Not even a hint, starting with the fact there there is no central economic planning proposal anywhere…you should know this, no?…the economy expert. So to your comment, socialism doesn’t work: absolutely correct. I add: capitalism neither.

          • Well, then at least we agree on something other than the sun rising in the east? (You do agree with that, huh?)

            here’s what I think every person who ‘thinks’ corporations should exist for ‘less than maximum profit’ and ‘share the wealth with all the employees’:

            ‘Do it yourself first and show us how to do it’

            Put your own money on the line to start a company or borrow it against the net worth in your home, what is left of it that is.

            Sweat, worry, cry each and every day as the business is started and formed and you wake up every day saying: ‘How is the hell and I going to pay these workers and the rent if I can make a sale today!?’

            When you have done that, and then taken a less than optimal profit and shared that equally with every worker in your utopian paradise that even Karl Marx envisioned as being ‘just great and peachy keen!’, come back on this AEI to tell us all how YOU did it, not ‘how someone else like Bill Gates SHOULD do it’

            be a leader. Show us how to do it, dear friend.

          • This may be news to you ears: I did it friend. We have a profitable business where everyone pitched in money and we all participate in decisions made collectively, and nobody cries when one month the money flowing in is less. We are all accountable. That’s what’s leadership, working w/ everyone to be independent rather than sitting on the pedestal pointing a finger telling others what to do. Reminds me of feudal times….
            To borrow your ass off and then prey you should be able to pay your people, kind of the dumb way of doing things, I’m sure you agree as you don’t seem to like it yourself. But of course there is one reason of doing it this way: greed, my friend. And that, you can keep.
            Good bye, getting tired of this.

          • That is called a ‘partnership’, then dear friend. Completely different from paying ‘employees’ who have no skin in the game and weren’t there in the hard times at the beginning.

            You are mixing things up…hard to follow.

          • That’s called a cooperative, friend. A form of partnership, correct. They (us) are not employees, but do the work. Call them (us) as you wish. sounds good. And yes, all of us were there from day 1, we all have our skin and dear savings in it, a concept hard to grasp? And we distribute what we make amongst all of us. We don’t get paid by someone else’s pay scale or decision how much he/she decides to pay us. That’s foreign to you and that I understand. The best part: it works- partly because we’re not greedy.

          • Partners who have skin in the game can do whatever they want…they all have voting shares etc.

            Employees don’t. That is one helluva big difference that you conveniently are ignoring.

          • Why do you keep missing the point? We do not want nor have employees! Everyone who is in and gets in, invests in and is a partner. A partner that works AND makes managerial decisions in meetings that include EVERYONE. And we do not do whatever we want, does it sound too advanced to you? We have respect and obligations to each other…

            And btw, in the BIG majority of current public corporations? The CEOs and related entourage does not put a cent in the business, yet they are getting disproportionate pay outs just because “that’s what the market pays” as a justification. I say BS. Its a club that makes their own rules as far as legislation is concerned and fights tooth and nail to avoid any regulations that aim to curb it and give back to people.

          • Honestly, dear friend, arguing (discussing) economics and business with you is much like playing gold with someone who has never read the rules of golf or arguing Scripture with someone who has never cracked open the Bible.

            You are talking about ‘partnerships’ which is a form of ‘ownership’. ‘Owners’ get to do anything they want to. That includes paying their ‘employees’ more or less or giving them benefits or not.

            God bless your enterprise…I hope it continues to be wildly successful. And one day when you do decide to hire ‘employees’, I hope you will give them an equal share of the profits as you do your existing partners, allow them full voting rights on matters of corporate importance and pay them exactly the same as you and your partners are getting paid simply because you ‘think it will be the right thing to do’.

            And you will be out of business in the next 60 days. Good luck with all that.

          • Well evidently you can’t see beyond your nose, friend. You simply don’t get it, but that’s why our system is where it is, particularly on the right wing. So many miopics messing up the economy which includes your philosophy, that’s not even funny anymore. And you’re sticking to your guns for fear to discover you’ve been wroong all this time But that’s part of evolution. You can’t make the monkey write until he’s ready. So thanks for the good wishes, I fully reciprocate. We will do with our enterprise just as you say, except that we are already hiring partners, not employees, and everyone gets a good living at equal wages. Shocking? Yeah! For a miopic it must be.
            As far as the bible dear, don’t go there. God won’t help your prayers when your wiped out with no money to pay your “employees”. And since you ran out of argument, don’t sway the subject to “elsewhere” – shows weakness…did I hear you’re a leader? I say, (just this time alluding to God): may He help your “employees”, ’cause I’m starting to feel pitty for them. Bye sweetheart and have a good life.

          • I am so mystified by the last response by my dear friend Misha that I am channeling Robert E. Lee when he said these final words on his deathbed: ‘Strike the tent’ which means to move on to what challenges lie ahead

          • Oh, last fact I forgot to mention, Gates gets his massive fortune not from stock options, but from royalties, which is only possible in the system that allows this crap. If you’re a Microsoft employee, you should know this part…

          • Oh, last fact I forgot to mention, Gates gets his massive fortune not from stock options, but from royalties, which is only possible in a system that allows this crap. If you’re a Microsoft employee, you should know this part…

          • Oh My God! Stop the Presses! Breaking News!

            Just found out that ‘mean old Microsoft’ has paid 100% of the health care benefits for every man and woman who has worked there since inception and their families too! 100%!!!

            in 2013, they are going to have to ask them to start paying some small part of the monthly health care plan!

            Egads! How awful!

            I pay 100% of my individual health care premium for my wife and family. close to $1000/month. How about you, dear friend?


            from the article:

            ‘Microsoft is famous for its generous employee benefits, currently covering 100 percent of employees’ medical expenses plus those of a spouse and children.’

            I hope this helps you understand the world of economics and business a little better, dear friend.

          • Very good in paying the 100%! Don’t u think! Finally and they do it now when there is beginning the national pressure sentiment build up from the 98% against th 2%, so they look, oh so generous. And mind you that’s just Microsoft, most of them don’t give a sh.
            If there was universal healthcare, there wouldn’t be a need for that! Like in other civilized countries. Deaerest friend you’re brainwashed. They got you to the point that you believe they are giving you a great benefit, when in fact you’ve been shafted all your life. And that’s hard to swallow, I know. Just look at your healthcare bill, and mind you, for a family of four, that’s pretty cheap. Hopefully you’ll get a relief with Obamacare

          • Oh, last fact I forgot to mention, Gates gets his massive fortune not from stock options, but from royalties, which is only possible in a system that allows this crap. If you’re a Microsoft employee, you should know this part…Where is the regular worker on this? Nowhere.

          • Oh, and one last fact I forgot to mention, Gates gets his massive fortune not from stock options, but from royalties, which is only possible in a system that allows this crap. If you’re a Microsoft employee, you should know this part…Where is the regular worker on this? Nowhere.

      • Bill Gates created jobs within Microsoft by destroying any company that dared to innovate and compete. The net job losses Microsoft created by gobbling up other companies outweighs the jobs Microsoft created.

        Bill Gates is in a very small percentage of people who actually succeed AND the era of business didn’t require their employees to sign agreements giving away their innovative ideas to the company they worked with.

        • That is the nature of competition, creativity and ‘creative destruction’ in a capitalist nation, Kenney P.

          Henry Ford helped ‘destroy’ the horse and buggy carriage industry…but that was good thing for all of us or else we would be shoveling mountains of horse manure off the streets every day.

          Thomas Edison ‘destroyed’ the candlemaking industry with his invention of the lightbulb. Thank God he did.

          Bill Gates just did what other software developers did and did it better and bigger on a grander scale. The numbers of jobs his software has helped unleash like home businesses that grow into big businesses over and above all the IT jobs around the globe are simply transformational in the history of economic growth for mankind. Can’t think of one other development that has led to more people being employed world-wide

    • Surprisingly nobody looks at the cause for the need to subsidize the poor and question: who are the real takers“…

      Is there some constitutional law being broken, a law that the federal government should sort of make like an incompetent Robin Hood and pull a wealth transfer scam on the US population?

      Sssso, who are the takers?“…

      You mean it isn’t the EPA & the tree huggers or over reaching government regulators in general?

      So misha just how many of these ‘victimized poor‘ have you personally subsidezed with the money out of your wallet?

      Just asking is all…

      • It’s tough being the perfect mook like misha …….. Obviously sucks to be her to have to practice her BS

        But the mooks at msnbc/WH would be proud of her for her nonsense

        Wonder if she still abuses her kids ……. gotta be tough to be her family

        Ahhhhh, the cooperative …… been the 60′s since have heard this crap ….. Oh well, these are the mooches that foisted bozo on us

        Guess they are just getting even for US being happy while they suffer their delusions of sticking to rich …… the obama jealousy syndrone as lived by these mooks is really unsavory and they can’t see it

    • Who gives you your job? Some wealthy business owner no doubt. Allowing people with the drive and ability to run successful business to flourish is what will bring American out of this economic crisis. Stop taking money from people who earn it. Maybe their practices are dubious at times, but it is up to the American people to boycott those products so that they are either forced out of business or forced to change their business practices. I saw a reply about Bill Gates. Bill Gates is the founder of an organization that convinces billionaires to give half of their income to charitable organizations. Who cares if it’s tax deductible? Delivery Drivers deduct the gas they spend while driving, cops deduct their guns, everyone looks for deductions in their taxes, why not a rich person? Stop trying to get the government to “even things out” or force people to “share the wealth”. Work your ass off and be savvy with your finances.

    • Misha,
      These graphs are not “mumbo jumbo” as you stated. They take into account inflation and are available on many governent resource websites. Are you ignoring the facts and the numbers because you don’t like the truth?

      I’m going to guess Misha you have never taken an economics course. The wealthy don’t “take” anything. Wealth isn’t taken it’s created. Business owners sell a product or service, and people voluntarily purchase it. The market bares it, it’s not “TAKEN” from anyone. You need to let go of your jealousy.
      The only wealth actually taken away from people are taxes.
      Here are the facts. Look them up. Sorry if you don’t like it!
      Those earning $200,000 or more a year pay 52.2 percent of all income taxes, but only earn 28.2 percent of the total adjusted income produced in the country.
      The individuals making between $50,000 and $200,000 per year in adjusted gross income make 50 percent of the nation’s total income, but only pay 41.1 percent of all the individual income taxes collected. The bottom income group ($0-$49,999) earns 22 percent of the nation’s income and pays 6.6 percent of total income taxes.

  8. There are several Major points purposely left out of these so call charts, and out of the book, that most people who are not American would not know. The biggest is that every working American has a “Social Security” tax taken out of their paychecks, and no matter how poor they are- Yes, about 15% of our population are “Working Poor, meaning their income isn’t enough to pay for basic needs- these Working Poor can not file to get these monies back because it is suppose to come back to them in their old age. You see- Social Security, is taken from you while you work; then when you can’t work you get the money to help pay bills. So, THAT IS NOT TAKING- IS IT?

    The second point I would like to make is that I saw nothing on these charts to show the explosion in population, known as The Baby Boom. So, naturely the numbers are going up- the population has gone up.

    Another point- During every Republican Presidency the Minimum wage for workers has been attacked, reducing the increase in the minimum wage from set to Cost of Living Increase, to mush less, and during some years held at a stand still. They all said it had to be done so Businesses could flourish- which was suppose to be good for every one. Well guess what- it did not work that way. The poor got Poorer. If you have a fmaily of 4, and both adults are working full time, they live in a very modest house, drive a 7 year old car, have only basic media services, do not drink, or blow money- You might expect them to be doing OK. What if I told you I know many such families- all good, honest people, hard workers; And because their combined income is so low- their children qualify for free lunches, The family as a whole, qualifies for Foodstamps also.

    Consider this- Minimum wage in my area is $7.25, (I do not believe there has been an increase, but if so it is very small indeed) According to the FEDs, Poverty Level for a family of four is equivalent to… $16 an hour. Now if both parents are working minim wage jobs… I’m sure you get my point. Oh, these poor families still have to pay into the Social Security fund. And although both Parents are working as hard as they can they are so poor they have to have help to simply feed their children.

    Another point no one will talk about is the times our Government took funds out of the Social Security fund for other purposes- very large sums too- and never put them back. Nor will you here those who cry foul over programs for the poor, talk about cut Job training Programs, or how several states take the funds oout of programs like 21st Century Scholars- which helps pay College Tuition for outstanding students. How should I know this? I have a godson who made top marks in everything he did all the way through school. Two years ago when it came time to collect his College Scholarship… yep… the program was bust. It took a bit of work, but I went back through state budgets meetings minutes until I found out that funds had been taken from many programs, and it was all legal.

    The Republican base in America have proven they care nothing for the people, at least not the poor one’s. The last Rep. Presidential Candidate let slip at a $10,000 a plate fund raiser what they all think about the working classes and the poor. You remember I’m sure. “47% of Americans don’t matter.” Oh its not talked about now, but it still shows in their actions, and the causes they stand for. The rich get richer. Who said America doesn’t have “Classes”? They just keep it behind closed doors is all.

    As for the book- Its a bunch of bilge.

    • another obama mooch that just cannot stand the truth

      BTW, you forgot to call the repubs racists….. and you know that you wanted to

      Your jealousy of the successful is showing

    • The Republican base in America have proven they care nothing for the people, at least not the poor one’s“…

      Why should they?

      Where is it in the constitution that its the federal government’s job to steal from the productive in order to pander to the parasitic?

    • Wow… I guess there’s not much to say to that. It’s hard talking to someone living in lala land.
      First of Kathy, when you found out your God-son wouldn’t recieve the government funded scholarship, you wasted your time looking through state budget minutes? How about actually work, and if you wanted to help, not just expect the government to pay for it, help him apply for all the scholarships available out there. There are 1000s of them, and with high grades he would have a much better chance.
      There’s too much to go over point by point…
      I would like to disagree with your statement about the republican base not caring for poor people. I’m a conservative and vote republican and do care for the poor. Do you really believe that? Why can’t liberals understand that conservatives simply have a different philosophy when it comes to caring for the needy. Conservatives tend to believe it’s much more effective to let individuals help others. Through the church, volunteerism, donating to charities, food banks, homeless shelters. Someone who volunteers to help the poor do a MUCH better job than your average joe bureaucrat, who gets paid by the government. Another fact you may not like, evangelicals voted for Romney by nearly 80%. Evangelicals give more money to the poor, and vollunteer more than the rest of the population.
      I social safety-net is necessary. However when it becomes a hammock, it’s causing more harm than benefit.

  9. Corporations shouldn’t exist for the benefit of all. The individual should take his or her life and well being as their own personal responsibility. If you can’t take care of yourself, do not have kids and quit thinking you are deserved of someone else’s wealth and property because you don’t have what you want.

    • Corporations do exist for the public good. If they were not so motivated they could not make a profit, and would not exist for long thereafter. Our national problem is that the corporations, and taxpayers in general, are being increasingly taxed not for the good of the less fortunate but to support an ever-increasing federal and state allocation to an ever-growing, self interested government welfare bureaucracy.

      Such people as work for and run this bureaucracy are well aware of the situation, to include long term projections and trends, but are entirely disinclined to change their demands. Indeed, they have a strong economic incentive to demand even more funding and more control. The successful track record of such efforts over past decades leads me to believe they are not unreasonable in expecting to get their way.

      It’s a waste of time to ask them to curb their excesses on rational grounds. Given their present political power and influence, nothing substantial will happen to the welfare industry until the money runs out. At this point I expect that eventuality has become unavoidable, so this entire debate is quite academic.

  10. I couldn’t tell on the graphs WHICH color represents the “CORPORATE” WELFARE, like all the subsidies, grants, tax cuts tailored to luxury spending, including the billions of dollars to oil companies, and to corporate farmers to NOT plant crops?? And they don’t have to do DIDDLY to get their welfare either, though it’s all cleverly hidden under much cuter names than “welfare”. You know the saying: “A rose by any other name is still a rose!” though in this case it’s dandelions!

  11. Every socialist or communist uprising starts with the demonizing of the wealthy. Hitler did it with wealthy Jew business owners, Russia did it with wealthy landowners. America rose to power during the industrial revolution where PRIVATELY OWNED BUSINESSES flourished. Economics is a simple subject that centers around supply, demand, and competition. By forcing companies to share equally in their profits you are taking the competition out of it and therefore they have no motivation to change for the better. If you standardize work practices than you take away competition for worthwhile employees. I know a lot of companies that simply stop working for part of the year because once they make a certain amount of profit the government raises their tax rates and starts taking half of it. So what happens to those people’s employees for the months out of the year? Economics evens things out naturally and does not need government to step in and ruin that. That’s how socialism and communism starts and that’s what leads to countries imploding on themselves.

  12. If Capitalism works,and Socialism does not,why are so many people dependent on government benefits in a capitialistic nation here in the US.

    • If Capitalism works,and Socialism does not,why are so many people dependent on government benefits in a capitialistic nation here in the US“…

      Lazy, stupid, or uneducated…

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