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What you may have missed in this week’s polls: The fiscal cliff, government’s role in health care, and Chris Christie

raising taxes

Fiscal cliff: A new ABC News/Washington Post poll confirms what virtually all other polls have shown: Solid support for raising taxes on incomes over $250,000. In this new poll, 60% were in favor and 37% opposed. Supporters include those with incomes of $100,000 or more, who favored the idea by 57% to 42%. Democrats favor the option by 73% to 26%, Independents by 63% to 33%. Republicans oppose it by 59% to 39%.

The poll explored the idea of capping deductions, described as “reducing deductions people can claim on their federal income taxes,” and people were divided, 44% in favor and 49% opposed. In a Pew poll during the campaign, 52% of Obama supporters favored limiting the home mortgage deduction; 43% of Romney supporters did.

Health care and government’s responsibility: For the first time since Gallup asked the question in 2000, a majority, 54% of those surveyed, said that the federal government does not have the responsibility to make sure all Americans have health care coverage. Forty-four percent said this was a government responsibility.

In 2000, only 31% said this was not government’s responsibility and that number has moved up unevenly to its current 54%.

Petraeus fallout: A new poll from ABC News and the Washington Post gives him a 45% favorable, 32% unfavorable rating, down from his all-time high of 61% in a Gallup poll taken after his testimony in September 2007 about progress in Iraq. A mid-November CNN/Opinion Research Corporation poll found the public divided about whether he should have resigned, 48% to 48%. Other new polls show Petraeus’s favorable/unfavorable rating in the same range as the ABC/Post poll.

Benghazi: The new CNN/Opinion Research Corporation poll also asked about Benghazi and found that 40% had a favorable opinion of the administration’s handling of the situation there over the past few months, while 54% had an unfavorable opinion.

Big man in New Jersey: Two new surveys show that New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is in impressive shape for a re-election bid in 2013. A Rutgers-Eagleton Institute of Politics poll finds that 59% of New Jersey registered voters support a second term for Mr. Christie. A new Quinnipiac poll shows that an even higher percentage, 67%, say he deserves re-election.

In the Rutgers poll, 67% have a favorable impression of him, which is the exact same number who view the governor favorably in the Quinnipiac poll. Quinnipiac shows his approval rating at 72%, while Rutgers found that 61% would give the governor an A or B grade for his performance.

2 thoughts on “What you may have missed in this week’s polls: The fiscal cliff, government’s role in health care, and Chris Christie

  1. I wish that poll question had asked people if they wanted to have their OWN taxes raised so that we could expose the greedy hypocrites.

    • It is usually the same problem with the question. This is obviously bad, because the question should not be do you want/like something but rather would you prefer a while leaving b etc.

      With the current demography in US, you should really start thinking about rising taxes in order to be able to keep those social programs you are running. Hell I think that in Canada, with the strong generation of baby-boomers (you can check the 2011 census) we will have a lot of problems with maintenance of the future generations. I would say the current 65+ ate the good part and now we are forced to work, take debts etc. to maintain our consumption levels.

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