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What you may have missed in the polls: Exit polls, exit polls, and exit polls

Proud voter from Shutterstock

Proud voter from Shutterstock

The national exit poll was this week’s big survey and we’ve been pouring over the results. Below you’ll find three great sources of information that highlight major developments.

1. Election Results from A to Z: Exit polls tell us how people voted and why, and they provide demographic and attitudinal information to give us a fuller picture of the election results. This article, which appeared in AEI’s American.com on Wednesday, examines some of the exit poll results we found most interesting.

2. AEI Political Report, November 2012: The latest edition of the AEI Political Report examines the states that have reliably voted Democratic and Republican the past six election cycles, including 2012. The issue also examines forty years of exit polling across 22 different demographic characteristics, updated with this year’s exit poll results.

3. AEI Election Watch #7: Two days after the election, AEI Political Scholars Michael Barone, Karlyn Bowman, Norman Ornstein, and Henry Olsen sat down to examine how different groups of voters cast their ballots, what issues mattered most, when voters decided, and the factors that put the winners on top. They also discussed what the results mean for the next Congress, and which party is best placed going into the 2014 midterm elections. The full video of the event, along with video highlights, are available on AEI.org.

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