Carpe Diem

Saturday morning links

1. Oil, cars and housing: Rail shipments year-to-date are up the highest this year vs. 2011 for petroleum (+44%), motor vehicles (+17%) and lumber (+12.6%).

2. U.S. oil production increased by 14% from a year ago for the week ending November 16, bringing domestic crude oil production to the highest level since May 1994, more than 18 years ago.

3. VIDEO from PERC: Saving Ocean Fisheries with Property Rights, a great example of free market environmentalism.

4. VIDEO from Reason.TV on the nanny state In Philadelphia (“City of Brotherly Love”?), where it’s Illegal to feed the homeless in public.

5. This is what a real estate recovery looks like: More homes (+24% in October) are selling faster (39 days median time on the market for single-family homes) at higher prices (+24% for condos, +6% for single-family homes) in Miami.

6. Michigan home sales increased 22.6% in October, average price by 2.7%; average price of a Detroit home sold in October was $20,521, up 17% from $17,500 last year. Ann Arbor home sales increased by 26% in October, average price by 14.6%.

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