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Real estate sales surge in October

1. Chicago Metro — October sales are expected to be 53.7% higher than last year.

2. Denver area — October sales were up by 29% compared to last year, average price increased 13.4%.

3. Dallas-Fort Worth – October homes sales soared by 29%, median home price increased by 9%.

4. Charlotte — October home sales skyrocketed by 37% compared to last year.

5. Nashville – Home sales increased by 33.8% in October versus last year, and median home price rose by 8%.

6. Spokane — October home sales increased by almost 33% from last year.

7. Louisville — Home sales in October are expected to be 29% above a year ago.

8. Seattle — House prices registered their biggest gain in more than six years in October. The median price of a house that sold in October was $370,000, up 15.6 percent from a year earlier.

9. San Diego — October home sales increased 34% over last year, and the median sales price increased 12.7%.

MP: No sign of recession here……


2 thoughts on “Real estate sales surge in October

  1. Mark, we’ve had such a steady flow of people moving to Florida from the Northeast and Illinois that our RE market is rocking. These aren’t retirees but people taking shelter from taxes. Now that huge tax hikes are almost certain I’ll bet that the Florida real estate market – particularly the high end market – is going to explode. Income taxes for the top tax bracket in uber expensive NYC are going to be about 60%. In CT, over 52%.

  2. It is nice to hear that Real Estate is ticking up again (in numerous areas). The Arizona Real Estate Market has had an upswing as well over the summer. Let’s hope this positive trend in the Real Estate Market continues!

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