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Liberals dominant in digital politics

Image Credit: Rosaura Ochoa (CC BY 2.0)

Image Credit: Rosaura Ochoa (CC BY 2.0)

New research from Pew finds that in the rapidly-expanding sphere of digital politics, liberals have the upper hand over conservatives. Seventy-nine percent of liberals use social media while just 69% of all adults do. Conservatives lag behind, with only 63% of them using any form of social media.

The liberal advantage is even more pronounced when looking at Twitter exclusively, with fully one in four liberals using the network compared to only 16% of moderates and 10% of conservatives.

Liberals are also more likely to use their cell phones to keep up with election or political news. More than one in three (37%) said they used their phones for such a purpose compared to 28% of moderates and 25% of conservatives.

What explains this liberal dominance in the digital sphere of politics? It seems pretty simple, actually: Young people. Those below the age of 30 are much more familiar with these newfangled technologies and hence more likely to use them. They also tend to be more liberal than the average American.

Indeed, Pew found that a whopping 92% of those between 18-29 years old used social networks. That makes younger Americans about 2.5 times more likely to use a social network than seniors (92% to 38%).

The numbers get even more lopsided when you look at Twitter specifically.

This age gap goes a long way towards explaining the liberal dominance in digital politics and helps explain why the Democrats are so much better at digital outreach than the GOP. Simply put, the Republicans’ base voters aren’t nearly as likely to be using these mediums, so there was less incentive for the party to expand its presence there. But as time goes on and the use of these programs becomes omnipresent, the GOP will have to catch up.

2 thoughts on “Liberals dominant in digital politics

  1. It’s a comment on how fossilized the GOP has become. It’s dying off.

    Of course, this article is another veiled attempt to “explain” the drubbing the GOP received in the election. Whatever else, it just COULDN’T be their policies or their whack job candidates. It must be…….Twitter.

  2. Whack job candidates. No. I don’t think so. The election was lost because the national socialists have done a breathtakingly good job of infiltrating the educations system, then subsequently the entertainment and news (so called) media for the last 100 years generally and 40 years particularly. People don’t naturally look at prior experiences and reason out that previously destructive behaviors are now desirable policy positions. Take Max for instance. He would consider every one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence to be a “whack job” and real statesmen to be more like Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Dick Durban, Chuck Schumer and B.O. Why? Indoctrination. He’s been trained that way.

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