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France’s faux outrage over alleged U.S. cyber espionage

The Drudge headline this am reads “Cyberguerre!  France Accuses USA of Hacking!” The story, from The Hill, reports:
The United States used U.S.-Israeli spy software to hack into the French presidential office earlier this year, the French cyberwarfare agency has concluded, according to the newsmagazine l’Express.
The magazine reported late Tuesday that the computers of several close advisers to then-president Nicolas Sarkozy – including Chief of Staff Xavier Musca – were compromised in May by a computer virus that bears the hallmarks of Flame, which was allegedly created by a U.S.-Israeli team to target Iran’s nuclear program. Anonymous French officials pointed the finger at the United States.
With all respect to our French allies, quelle load of merde.  In 2008, I traveled to Europe with President George W. Bush.  We visited Slovenia, Germany, Italy, the Holy See, the United Kingdom, and France.  There was only one country where we were instructed to leave our blackberries on Air Force One with the batteries removed as a precaution against potential cyber espionage: France. Now the French are upset that America (allegedly) spied on them? Talk about le pot calling le kettle noir

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